Where to turn in Umbral Totems in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker – Umbral Totems vendor location

Will you heed the call?

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There are numerous rewards for you to unlock in Final Fantasy XIV. While some of them are purely cosmetic, the ones you want to add to your character to power them up will have you participating in some of the toughest challenges in the game. When you complete the Endwalker Main Scenario Quest, you’ll want to start working on the Umbral Totems and adding more gear to your collection. In this guide, we covered where to turn in your Umbral Totems in Final Fantasy XIV and where to find the vendor.

You’ll be earning the Umbral Totems by completing The Minstrel’s Ballard: Hydaelyn’s Call, where a team of eight players will be attempting to overcome a more advanced version of The Mothercrystal Trial. The Mothercrystal is a level 89 Trial, but you will need to be level 90 for Hydaelyn’s Call, and it’s recommended the Job you use has an average item level of 560. After completing the trial, you’ll earn the Umbral Totem at the end for your troubles.

When you’re ready to turn these in, you’ll need to head over to Radz-at-Hand, and speak with Nesvaaz. You can find them at coordinates (X:10.6, Y:10.1). They will have several weapons available that you can purchase, and you will need to complete the Trial multiple times to earn enough to buy anything on this vendor.