Where to turn in Unsung Asphodelos relics in Final Fantasy XIV – Pandæmonium Relic exchange vendor location

Obtain powerful items in exchange for Unsung Asphodelos relics.

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After making your way through the initial stages of the Pandæmonium: Asphodelos raid dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV, you’ll be rewarded with unusable relics for defeating any of the bosses. These relics are how you can obtain some of the best equipment in Final Fantasy XIV, but the initial items you receive are useless to you. You’ll need to exchange them for more specific armor pieces. Here’s what you need to know about where to turn in Unsung Asphodelos relics in Final Fantasy XIV and the Pandæmonium Relic exchange vendor location.

You’ll be able to turn in all of your Unsung Asphodelos relics to Mylenie. You can find them in Labyrinthos. They will be waiting for you at coordinates (X:8.3, Y:27.6), or you can visit Djole in Radz-at-Hand at coordinates (X:10.3, Y:9.6).

When you arrive, you’ll have a list of items for which you can choose to exchange your Pandæmonium relics. Each item is associated with a similar armor relic. So, for example, if you want to purchase the Limbo Breeches of Striking for your character, you’ll need to acquire four Unsung Chausses of Asphodelos, which are the relic equipment items you receive. After you have enough, you can see Mylenie or Djole to receive your item.

Acquiring a complete set of armor from these dungeons will take quite a bit of time. Each week, the dungeon boss loot resets on Tuesday at 12 AM. Make sure to work with a group or return to these dungeons to try again when the reset rolls around.