Who are the best rookie cornerbacks in Madden 21

A look at the top rookie CB’s in Madden 21.

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EA Sports is in the process of releasing Madden 21 player ratings for the game’s best players, as well as NFL rookies. Rookie quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers have received their ratings already, and overalls for cornerbacks have also been revealed by the staff at EA.

Overall Rating

The top-rated rookie cornerbacks in Madden 21 are college standouts Jeff Okudah and C.J. Henderson. Okudah, who was selected with the third overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft by the Lions, received a 76 overall rating from the Madden team. Jaguars CB C.J. Henderson, who was selected ninth overall this past April, was also given a 76 rating.

Here are the ten best rookie cornerbacks in Madden 21, sorted by overall rating:

  1. C.J. Henderson – 76
  2. Jeff Okudah – 76
  3. Jaylon Johnson – 73
  4. Jeff Gladney – 71
  5. A.J. Terrell – 70
  6. Damon Arnette Jr. – 70
  7. Noah Igbinoghene – 70
  8. Kristian Fulton – 70
  9. Trevon Diggs – 69
  10. Amik Robertson – 69

Speed Attribute

EA also released the individual attributes for each rookie cornerback, and let’s go over a few of these ratings, starting with speed. Three of the top five fastest rookie cornerbacks in Madden members of the Jaguars (Chris Claybrooks, C.J. Henderson, Josiah Scott) rank in the top five. Chris Claybrooks received the best speed attribute (94) among rookie cornerbacks.

Here’s the five best rookie cornerbacks, ranked by speed:

  1. Chris Claybrooks – 94
  2. C.J. Henderson – 93
  3. Javaris Davis – 93
  4. A.J. Terrell – 92
  5. Josiah Scott – 92

Man Coverage Attribute

Cornerbacks with good man coverage is critical, not just in real life but in Madden as well. Good man coverage cornerbacks will be able to lock on to their man in coverage and prevent a quarterback from making a pass to a wide receiver. The rookie cornerback who received the best man coverage rating was C.J. Henderson. Henderson received a 77 rating, while fellow first-round pick Jeff Okudah received the second-highest man coverage figure (75). 

Here’s a full look at the five best cornerbacks in man coverage:

  1. C.J. Henderson – 77
  2. Jeff Okudah – 75
  3. Jaylon Johnson – 73
  4. Jeff Gladney – 72
  5. Damon Arnette Jr. – 71

Zone Coverage Attribute

Like with man coverage, you’ll need cornerbacks with good zone coverage, especially if you utilize a lot of zone plays. Jeff Okudah received the highest zone coverage rating (77), while Bears rookie Jaylon Johnson received the second-highest figure (75).

Here’s a look at the five best cornerbacks in Madden 21, sorted by zone coverage:

  1. Jeff Okudah – 77
  2. Jaylon Johnson – 75
  3. A.J. Terrell – 72
  4. C.J. Henderson – 72
  5. Damon Arnette Jr. – 72