Who is Istaroth, and will she be playable in Genshin Impact?

Everything we know about Istaroth.

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Since its release back in 2020, Genshin Impact lore has continued to expand. The world of Tevyat has seen several new regions unlocked over time, along with new characters making their debut. Many characters introduced in the game first make their appearance in the story, followed by becoming playable. One of these characters that have appeared in the lore and have been making a buzz is Istaroth.

Who is Istaroth

According to the lore, Istaroth is the god of wind and time. Although not officially confirmed, she is very likely one of the four shining shades crafted by the Primordial One. Not much is known about her identity, and she goes by several names such as God of Moments, Kairos, the Thousand Winds of Time, Tokoyo Ookami, and the Undying Wind.

Istaroth was once worshipped throughout Mondstadt and Enkanomiya. However, after the rise of Seven Archons, she became more or less a chapter of the past. Today, only a few know about her in Mondstadt, although she is mentioned in phrases related to “the winds of time.” People of Enkanomiya worshipped her for a long time, but even that practice has dwindled over time.

There is a decent chance that Istaroth will be playable in the future. However, we are far from that since she has not even appeared in the game once. Istaroth will likely play a significant part in the future story, but until miHoYo reveals details officially, we cannot be certain of her arrival.