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Who is Lorath Nahr in Diablo 4? Explained

We're a long way from Westmarch...

In the Diablo franchise, your player character is always surrounded by a cast of heroes trying to help stop the end of the world. In Diablo IV, one of your first allies is Lorath Nahr, a hermit living in the wilds who explains that you need to work together to hunt down Lilith. However, even though the game makes his appearance this big reveal, who is Lorath Nahr? Let’s break down the story of this old friend you might’ve forgotten.

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Lorath Nahr in Diablo 3

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Players didn’t meet Lorath Nahr until the Reaper of Souls expansion of Diablo III. Lorath Nahr is the young, hooded Horadrim acolyte who leads you into the damned city under siege by Malthael. Unlike the wise, aged Horadrim members you’ve met in many games before, Lorath is but a young man. He doesn’t know much of the world, and he’s startled, dazzled, and horrified by the things you see on your adventure. However, he’s still a skilled mage and scholar, helping you decipher Adria’s scrying and protect the survivors of Westmarch. In the end, he plays an instrumental part in hunting down the Angel of Death.

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Lorath Nahr’s role in Diablo IV

After the events of Diablo III, Lorath went on to be a foremost member of the renewed Horadric Order. Lorath’s greatest success as a Horadrim member was compiling a tome describing all of Sanctuary’s most powerful relics and their stories. Despite Tyrael and Lorath’s hard work, though, the Horadrim’s numbers helplessly dwindled over the decades. By the time you meet Lorath Nahr in Diablo IV, he’s but a lonely, aged hermit in a shack, and one of the few Horadrim members left in the entire world of Sanctuary.

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By your side, Lorath Nahr acts as a sort of Deckard Cain-type character. With Deckard Cain’s death in Diablo III, he now takes on that scholarly, knowledgeable role, helping lead the hero toward victory against Lilith, the mother of the Prime Evils.

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