How to get Reaper’s Wraps in Diablo 3

You just have to slay the angel of death,

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In Diablo 3 Season 28, Reaper’s Wraps are all the rage. This item is now a vital tool in the Altar of Rites, so to be able to get all your special seals and buffs, you’ll need to find Death’s own clothing. However, getting Reaper’s Wraps isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Here is what you need to know about finding the Reaper’s Wraps in Diablo 3.

Where to find Reaper’s Wraps in Diablo 3

On the one hand, Reaper’s Wraps are easy to find. The recipe for them is dropped by Malthael when you defeat him. All you have to do is either beat the entire Act V: Westmarch story arc, or you can go into Adventure mode and fight him immediately. A warning, though: Act V has the most difficult enemies and bosses, so make sure you have a few levels and some good gear on you before you waste hours trying to beat Malthael while underpowered. Then, once you have the blacksmith plan for Reaper’s Wraps, that’s where it gets a bit more complicated.

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How to craft Reaper’s Wraps in Diablo 3

Reaper’s Wraps is not a cheap item to craft. To start, your blacksmith needs to be Sovereign level, able to craft level 70 weapons. By itself, leveling your blacksmith all that way costs 311,000 gold and a Death’s Breath. Considering Death’s Breath doesn’t even drop from elite enemies until you hit level 61, you have to go through a lot of grinding before Haedrig can make this item. Then, the Reaper’s Wraps themselves need a host of items, including:

  • 64,000 gold
  • 20 Reusable Parts
  • 20 Arcane Dust
  • 30 Veiled Crystals
  • Caldeum Nightshade
  • Arreat War Tapestry

Where do the Reaper’s Wraps fit into the Altar of Rites?

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One of Diablo 3 Season 28’s special features is the Altar of Rites. This altar lets you offer up materials so that you can unlock seals and potion powers that buff your character. There are 29 sacrifices you have to make to clear the whole altar and get every reward. Reaper’s Wraps are the seventh sacrifice, which will be necessary roughly around the third or fourth tiers of the altar. Without Reaper’s Wraps, you can’t get to any of the further rewards, including bonus damage and crowd control immunity. So, if you want your favorite Diablo 3 seasonal character to become unstoppable, you’ll have to farm up all elites, bosses, and of course, Malthael himself.