Who is Orin in Destiny 2?

The mysterious Nine.

Destiny 2

There is something of a renewed interest in Orin, a little know NPC in Destiny 2 for much of the player base. Recent dialogue that appeared in the game strongly implies that something is going on with Orin, but many players will never even have met her.

Orin is the Emissary of the mysterious Nine. She looks after Trials for them, and with such a small percentage of the player base engaging with top-tier PvP, it is not surprising that many people haven’t met her. Orin will normally shepherd you towards your rewards after a Flawless run in Trials of the nine, but she recently dropped some interesting dialogue for a player that hadn’t been heard before.

“Guardian. Guardian, are you there? This is Orin, of the Firebreak Order, and the Pilgrim Guard before that. I have forced a respite from the Nine. I repeat. This is not their Emissary. I have learned much from therm. They believe many things that you need to hear, but for all their power, they are no less fallible than a Tower Consensus meeting. “

Orin, no longer the Emissary of the Nine

Who is Orin?

Orin was, like all the other Awoken, a human named Nasya Sarwar. She won a spot on the Yang Liwei Exodus Vessel. She performed janitorial duties on the ship and was transformed into an Awoken when the ship was pulled into a singularity formed by the war between Light and Darkness.

As an Awoken, she became known as Nasan Ar, and would become a somewhat reluctant Mayor but would eventually leave her new home to try to discover her true purpose, as she felt that being turned into an Awoken should mean more. She became a translator, and end up befriending Mara Sov, the Awoken queen. After the Awoken returned to the solar system that the Exodus launched from, she decided to explore Earth. This causes a rift with Mara, who decides to banish anyone who leaves Awoken society this way.

Nasan opts to leave anyway, feeling a pull towards the Earth, but is eventually murdered there by a group fo Risen who feared her strange appearance. She would end up being revived by a Ghost, become a Guardian, and changing her name to Orin. Orin became a Titan and eventually runs into the Nine, who demands that she find for them “three worthy keys.”

The current fan theory is that the “three worthy keys” are The Drifter, Mara Sov, and the returning Exo Stranger.