Who is Shaw Han in Destiny 2: Beyond Light?

Mystery man.

Destiny 2

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2: Beyond Light will introduce a new character of interest to new and old players alike. Shaw Han will be found on the Cosmodrome, the rebuilt area from the original Destiny that will be returning to the game in Beyond Light.

Shaw Han will act as a guide for new players, walking them through the early stages of life in Destiny 2, and potentially acting as the area NPC for giving out quests, materials, and other such jobs.

Who is Shaw Han (Spoilers ahead)

New players won’t really care who Shaw Han is, but the veterans are already warming up a very interesting theory. Many think he is a returning Uldren Sov, betrayer of Cayde-6, sister of Mara Sov, and former prince of the Awoken.

When last we saw Uldren, it was under unusual circumstances. There was some debate about how did it, but Uldren was shot in the head, and that was that. Now it seems that Uldren is back as a Guardian, having been resurrected by a Ghost.

Because Uldren came back as a Guardian, he could not remember who he was or what he had done, but other people did. Everywhere he went, Uldren was met by spite and hate for killing Cayde 6. This has led people to believe that Uldren donned a mask to hide who was and get down to Guardian’s business without the specter of his previous life hanging over him.

Some more evidence to back this up is that the double-stacked triangle chevron that appears on Shaw Han’s shoulder armor is identical to the former symbol of Uldren.

As more evidence comes to light, or as the story confirms community suspicions, we will update this article with more information. For now, however, it does seem entirely possible that Uldren has returned.