Who is the voice actor for Ash in Apex Legends?

Who is the voice behind Ash?

Ash Apex Legends

Image via Respawn

Ash, a legend being added to Apex Legends for the start of Season 11, will be available for everyone to try on November 2. We received a brief look at the character in the Ashes to Ash trailer, with more to come in the Escape Launch Trailer on October 21. But how is the voice actor behind Ash in Apex Legends, and where have you heard them before?

Ash is being voiced by Anna Campbell. She was the original voice actress for Ash in Titanfall 2, and she’s appeared in multiple other productions, such as Grace Peyton in Lost Planet 3. She played Tina Callis in Veronica Mars, Katie Moore in Without a Trace, and Ruth Walton in Leverage.

The return of Ash to Apex Legends is a huge fan letter for Titanfall fans. However, Ash is not the only thing from the Titanfall games appearing in Season 11. The C.A.R. S.M.G. will also be an available weapon, adding another deadly choice for Apex Legends competitors to select for their deadly loadouts, especially those who specialize in close-quarter engagements. Those who used it in the Titanfall games often performed trick shots, and we’re curious to see how Apex Legends put this much-beloved gun through its paces.

Expect to see Ash joining the Apex Legends roster with Campbell’s vocal talents starting on November 2 for Season 11: Escape.