Who is the voice actor for Nimbus in Destiny 2?

Both the actor and character share They\Them pronouns


Screenshot via Bungie’s YouTube channel

Nimbus is one of the two Cloud Striders you’ll meet early on in the campaign of Destiny 2 Lightfall. They’ve been tasked with babysitting you while you explore Neomuna in search of The Veil. This guide outlines who the voice actor for Nimbus is and whether you’ll have heard them in any other roles.

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Who is the voice actor that plays Nimbus?

Nimbus is played by Marin M. Miller. The actor announced this news on the day that Lightfall launched, and fans were ecstatic that a non-binary character was actually played by a non-binary actor. Miller shared some of the story of their career on Twitter, explaining how they were always too tall for mainstream high-paid roles, so moved into voice acting.

Those among you who have also played Hades may recognize them as the voices of Alecto, Athena, and Tisiphone from that game. These are far from their first acting jobs in games, though, having starred in several titles and even the Pokémon TV series.

Miller said that Bungie pushed to have a non-binary actor play Nimbus, and based on the community’s reaction, that certainly seems to have been a great move for the developer and Miller. The actor adds that when they realized that Nimbus was over 10-feet tall, towering over players, they were so pleased. Obviously, this is due to Miller’s own height causing them problems in the past, but in Destiny 2, it’s nothing but an advantage.

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Nimbus is a Cloud Strider on Neptune, a member of a group of Neptunian citizens who have undergone nanotechnological enhancements. This makes them tall, agile, and able to fight using advanced weaponry, such as their sky surfboards and incredible guns. Only two Coud Striders can exist at one time, and Nimbus is the younger of the pair you meet in Destiny 2 and the one that guides you through the Lightfall campaign. Due to their shortened lifespan of around a decade, the other Cloud Strider, Rohan, will likely soon die, and Nimbus will become the elder, having to teach the new rookie that joins the ranks with them. Nimbus is smug, happy, and cracks a lot of jokes. They’re a fun character to be around because of their positive energy, making any activity in Destiny 2 feel doable despite the challenges ahead.