All Lightfall campaign missions in Destiny 2

How long will your journey into Lightfall last?


Image via Bungie

The Lightfall campaign in Destiny 2 is an expansion where you’ll travel to the planet Neptune and explore the city of Neomuna. Here, you’ll fight against Calus and his Shadow Legion as he attempts to secure The Veil, but he won’t account for Strand, a new Darkness ability you unlock. These abilities steadily unlock over time as you play through the campaign, and there are multiple missions you need to complete. This guide covers all Lightfall campaign missions you must complete in Destiny 2.

Lightfall campaign mission list in Destiny 2

There are eight primary missions that you need to complete for the Lightfall campaign. It’s not a massive campaign, so don’t expect a huge journey on Neomuna or working through this process to unlock Strand. However, these are repeatable quests that you can work through at a higher Power Level or on the Become Legend difficulty, which is significantly more difficult than the normal one.

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These are all the missions you need to complete for the Lightfall Campaign.

  • First Contact
  • Under Siege
  • Downfall
  • Breakneck
  • On The Verge
  • No Time Left
  • Headlong
  • Desperate Measures

Upon completing the campaign, you should be ready to handle the more dangerous activities on Neomuna. You can poke at these occasionally between your campaign missions, but we don’t recommend making them a priority or exploring Neomuna until you reach a higher level in Destiny 2.

We do recommend going into these campaign missions on a higher difficulty once you’ve completed these once or you want to try working on them with a full fireteam. Voice channels will be paramount to working together and overcoming the threats that await you in Lightfall, and beyond.