Who is the voice actor for The Witness in Destiny 2?

This is shocking for some fans.

Image via Bungie

Season 20 of Destiny 2 heavily features The Witness. This master of the Black Fleet will be the one you’re testing your mettle against during the Lightfall expansion. Many players want to know who the voice behind the character is, so we’ve put together a quick guide giving you all the details. Let’s take a look at who voices The Witness in Destiny 2.

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The voice actor for Destiny 2 The Witness

The voice actor for The Witness in Destiny 2 is Brett Dalton, he might sound familiar because he is also known for voicing Freyr in God of War Ragnarok, Michael in Until Dawn, and Grant Ward in Agents of Shield. It is harder to recognize his voice as The Witness as it often speaks with multiple different voices at once to add to his other-worldly presence.

The Witness is considered to be a powerful and ancient entity within the realm of Destiny 2, it is the leader of the Black Fleet, and its Disciples, and is believed to be the action of Darkness. The Witness is not its only name but is often also called The Entity of The Voice In The Darkness. The Witness is immortal in the universe of Destiny 2, it is a humanoid being working alongside The Black Fleet.

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The history of the Witness is unknown as of right now, other than The Witness was once a mortal who then shifted his consciousness to be an immortal being. As we dig deeper into Destiny 2: Lightfall, we will surely learn much more about Brett Dalton’s character and how he fits into the world Bungie has constructed. While you’re adventuring across Neptune looking for answers, make sure to keep your eye out for all the Region Chests and Defiant Keys that have dropped as part of the expansion.