Who Is Yuna In Destiny 2?

Destiny 2

Lots of people may have been surprised by a name that appears in the patch notes for Destiny 2’s recent update. The update notes for Festival of the Lost make mention of Yuna, but lots of people have never seen her in the game.

In the Investment section of the patch notes, under Vendors, the following line appears, and it seems to have made a lot of people curious.

  • Yuna (IGR Only)
      • Yuna’s inventory is now updated to vend Armor 2.0 versions of Exotic armor

Who Is Yuna In Destiny 2?

Yuna is an Exotics Vendor that hangs out in the Bazaar area of the Tower, near to Ikora and Hawthrone. The bad news for most of us is that she is only available on the Asian servers, so you won’t be able to check her out if you are a western player. To use her services and buy Exotics from her, you need to be an IGR, or Internet Gaming Room benefactor, which is a service exclusive to gaming and internet cafes in South Korea. This explains why “IGR Only” appears in the patch notes.

While she does sell Exotic Items, those items are also available to people who run Strikes and Missions. Her items are not unique or exclusive in that sense. The easiest way to think of her is as a regular version of Xur, minus the tentacles and weird mystery surrounding her.

So, now you know who Yuna is in Destiny 2! As I said, she is an excellent addition to the game for IGR customers, but she does not give access to any exclusive content, so that be too sad that she isn’t in your servers when you load in.

Now that you know who Yuna is, you might want some help with The Festival of the Lost! We have guides showing you how to load into the Haunted Forest, and how to collect Candy when you get there! This resource will let you buy special items from Eva in the courtyard!