Who Wields The Wild Wind quest guide – Genshin Impact

Climbing time.

As the Golden Apple Archipelago changes after Act 2 of the Midsummer Island Adventure, players will find a lot more ground to explore, and new groups of islands to visit. In the very northwest corner of the map a cluster of island joined by bridges will appear. Players who visit this area will discover a new world quest to complete, “Who Wields The Wild Wind”.

The quest itself is quite simple. When they arrive Paimon will wonder about the fog, and the chest trapped behind a red energy dome in the center of the islands. Players will need to climb to the top of all three stone towers and take out the enemies at the top.

The eastern island has a broken wooden ramp that will lead the way to the top, and they will need to fight some enemies along the way. Climb all the way to the very top where some enemies can be found near a chest. Take them out, and a second wave will spawn. The dome around the chest in the center of the island will visible weaken, and players will know they are on the right path.

Visit the top of all three towers, repeating the process, taking out the enemies at the very top and opening the chests they find there. When all three are complete, the red energy dome will disappear and players can drop down to the chest on the beach in the middle.

A large enemy will spawn that players need to take out, and then they will be able to open the chest and get some loot from it, finishing the quest.