Why is Final Fantasy XIV’s queue not moving? FFXIV’s long queue times explained

It takes you a bit to get into the game.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There have been a handful of issues when trying to get into Final Fantasy XIV. With the arrival of Endwalker, players have been trying to jump into the game as often as they can to experience the new expansion locations and explore the regions while checking out the final story for the current Final Fantasy XIV story. But the login errors have been bogging a lot of players down. So if you’re in queue, a common question you might ask is why is the Final Fantasy XIV’s queue not moving? Here’s what you need to know about the Final Fantasy XIV long queue times.

A lot of you will have massive queue times because of the number of other players trying to jump into the game. With everyone trying to join the game simultaneously, especially during peak hours, the queue can feel endless, and there are a handful of errors popping up, such as errors 2002, 3001, and even 4004, to name a few.

On Wednesday, December 8, the Final Fantasy XIV team took the servers down for maintenance, and they shared what they were doing with the community to assist with the massive queue times. While not all of the problems have been patched up, the team is actively seeking out the best solutions to these issues and how to make it easier for players to play the game following the release of Endwalker.

It all boils down to the number of players trying to play the game. The servers have been thoroughly improved, and the Final Fantasy XIV team is aware of the problem, but the team requires time to correct it. As the weeks continue by following Endwalker’s release, you can expect to see fewer queue times moving forward.