Why is Fortnite stuck on the connecting screen? Answered

What’s the reason behind this common error?

Image via Epic Games

To say Fortnite is massively popular would be an understatement. Epic’s juggernaut of a battle royale has a massive player base, and the consistent updates provide an additional incentive for players to log in regularly. Unfortunately, there are times when errors prevent players from enjoying the game. A common error you might encounter is getting stuck on the connecting screen. But why?

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Fortnite stuck on ‘Connecting’ screen

While having a high amount of concurrent players is a great problem for a game like Fortnite to have, it’s a problem nonetheless. A large number of players can cause issues with the game’s servers, leading to problems such as connecting errors. These problems are usually server side rather than the user, although there are a few steps users can take. As such, there’s nothing players can do but wait for the issue to get resolved by the developers. However, there are still a few steps players can take in order to see if the problem can be fixed on their end.

How to fix Fortnite Connection screen issue

There are a few potential solutions for players who are stuck in the Fortnite Connecting screen.

First, users should attempt an application reboot, by simply exiting out of Fortnite completely, and then restarting it. Verify that the game is updated to its latest version, and that your internet connection is stable.

If that doesn’t work, exit out of Fortnite and restart your internet router before launching the game again. A full ten-second reboot is ideal for routers and internet peripherals. It’s possible that rebooting the router will could allow users to bypass this error.

If neither of these solutions work. then the only option is to wait for a fix from Epic. A helpful way to track current errors is by checking the official Fortnite Status Twitter account.