Why should you have alts in Lost Ark?

Your greatest ally is you.

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In Lost Ark, you can have multiple characters under your single account. For some people, they don’t even blink twice at this, focusing instead on perfecting their favorite character. After all, why bother splitting your time between multiple characters like that? Well, you can and should have that main character that you focus on, but having a few alternative characters in the same server can make you so much stronger. If you want to know how that works, let’s give you a quick peek into Lost Ark alts.

Shared roster

So, when you have multiple alts under one account, they all have the ability to share certain resources. This includes certain types of currency, mounts, pets, cards, potions, and more. Once you have one character on a server it makes it much easier to boost and support a character in the same server. This means you can use your own money and tools to make leveling up even faster for your other characters, share crafting materials and other resources to boost each character at the end-game stage.

It’s important to note, though, that this roster-sharing is only server-wide. If you make another character in a different server, those resources do not transfer.

Min/max the endgame

Between the shared roster and each character having their own in-game effects (merchants, missions) when you log in, utilizing alts can help make your characters stronger together. For example, you can get fresh daily missions on each character. These missions, like the Abyss Dungeon crawls, can give you new crafting materials. If you do them on multiple characters instead of just one, you’ll get double, triple, quadruple the number of materials than before. Basically, once you hit max level, you’re just trying to help yourself get as many resources as possible, and the more end-game characters you have for that, the better.

Try it all out

Slightly less serious than the other reasons, having alt accounts is also useful because it means you can try out a bunch of other classes. Sure, you may look at the different options and decide that being a Mage looks like the best choice for you. But, unless you try other classes, you won’t know which one is truly best. After all, you could like the looks of Mage (maybe you were a Wizard main in Diablo 3), but after some trial and error you could find out that Martial Artist is really your favorite. So, make sure you make great use of your alt options to find out what fits you best and run with it.