Will Genshin Impact come to Xbox consoles?

Another eastern RPG dismisses the American console brand.

Genshin Impact

If you own an Xbox and are a fan of open world anime experiences, you’ve probably felt the pain of being denied access to most great Asian-based RPGs. In 2020, Xbox One owners have already been shut out of Final Fantasy VII Remake, at least momentarily, but what about the game that is lately seen to be the most accessible high-quality RPG, Genshin Impact?

Chinese developer MiHoYo has finally spoken on the matter and delivered some crushing news for those who hoped the popular free-to-play title would come to the platform. In an interview with IGN Japan, a MiHoYo spokesman stated, “We currently don’t have any plans for an Xbox version of the game.” It wasn’t explained why the developer came to this conclusion, and it seems extremely unlikely that we will ever get a detailed reason as to why this decision was made.

The game is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile, with a Switch version confirmed to drop in the future – all of which being more popular than Xbox in eastern regions.

The decision to not release on Xbox seems to just be down to the vast gulf in the Chinese and Japanese markets between PlayStation ownership and Xbox ownership. One thing that may give the developers pause for thought is that Genshin Impact has been such a massive success in the western market, and releasing a build for Xbox there might just be a wise move.