GTA Mod Turns AI Characters Into Conversationalists With Player Mic

GTA 5 Inworld Sentient Streets – AI Story Mod allows players to talk to AI characters in a story mode, showcasing how video games could be advanced.


Image via Rockstar Games

GTA 5 is no stranger to having many mods; while players aren’t supposed to be using them and have a high risk of getting banned from playing any Rockstar games, this mod has to be one of the coolest. While we haven’t tested it and don’t recommend others try it, the idea of this feature would be cool for Grand Theft Auto franchise as a whole.

A skilled modder who has modded GTA games many times in the past recently posted a YouTube video displaying this new feature which allowed the game to house some AI characters, which he then showed he could talk to, the Ai then even responding. While this is an unfair act to do, it is cool, nevertheless.

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GTA 5 Modder Talks With Officers Using AI

The video posted by modder Bloc shows them playing as a police officer in story mode. The Sentient Streets – AI Story Mode works in a way where players can speak into the microphone, and then the AI character will respond, as shown in the video. The video continues to show a story unfold as Bloc talks to characters, and they react to them with more accurate responses than we might have thought.

While mods aren’t to be used in GTA games, this idea opens up new doors of what Rockstar could do in the future regarding advancing their games. While AI might be frowned upon by players for many reasons, Sentient Streets Story Mod is a cool way that AI could be implanted into video games to make them even better — in a bit more advanced sense than the horror games that allow players to speak to the ghost trying to kill them.

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The AI characters in the mod were created using Inworld AI, a character engine made to create AI NPC characters, such as the one shown in the video; the voice is made using text-to-speech software. It is an excellent idea what they have going on with this mod, even if players cannot use it due to it risking their whole account for the possible ban.