Will Pokémon Unite come to PC?

The home of the MOBA genre.

How to sign up to the Pokemon Unite regional beta

Image via The Pokemon Company

The decision to mix Pokémon and a MOBA game may yet prove to be an inspired move. The MOBA market is notoriously difficult to break into with League of Legends and Dota 2 having the lionshare of players on PC, and Vainglory, Wild Rift, and Arena of Valor taking most of the mobile market.

Attaching one of the world’s largest entertainment brands to the game will help raise interest in Pokémon Unite, but will the game be released on PC, the traditional home of the MOBA genre? Unfortunately for PC players, there are not currently any plans to release Pokémon Unite on the platform.

All is not lost, however. Pokémon Unite will be coming to Nintendo Switch on July 21, and will then release on mobile platforms some time in September. This means that players who are into mobile emulation on PC will be able to run the game via that method.

There is no word yet on how these players would be treated, and if they would be added to their own matchmaking queue the way they are in other highly successful mobile games like COD Mobile and PUBG.