Will Starcraft become an Xbox Exclusive?

Starcraft is one many franchises joining the Xbox family.

Image via Blizzard

With Microsoft buying Activision and Blizzard, multiple game franchises will join the Xbox family. A notable franchise is the Starcraft franchise, an RTS isometric shooter initially released in 1998. How exactly this all will work is still up in the air. But will Starcraft become an Xbox exclusive?

There has been no official announcement from Microsoft, Activision, or Blizzard about what games will become an Xbox exclusive or not. However, despite not precise details, we can examine the previous acquisition Xbox dealt with when buying Bethesda.

Months after Xbox purchased Bethesda, there was significant speculation about the company’s upcoming RPG, Starfield. Many believed that Starfield would be available on the Xbox Game Pass but would not be an Xbox exclusive, given the size of the game. However, during E3 2021, Starfield’s release date was announced alongside the fact it would be an Xbox exclusive.

Given this information, we can speculate that any new games added to the Starcraft franchise will likely also be an Xbox exclusive. Though, all of the old games will likely still be available for you to use and purchase for any console or PC software. Because Starcraft has primarily only appeared on PC, not too much should be changing if another Starcraft is developed in the future. Given Age of Empire IV’s success as returning RTS, we might see something in the far future.