Wine and Song Catalyst in Genshin Impact – stats, how to get it, ascension materials

An unusual option.

Genshin Impact

The Wine and Song is Catalyst in Genshin Impact that is part of the Alley Series. It is a 4 Star Catalyst that is available through the Wish system. It is a 4 Star Catalyst, so will be outdone on base damage by any 5 Star, but is still a solid option for certain characters in the game.

You can find the weapon stats and ascension materials listed below, along with some recommended characters that you may wish to try the Catalyst on, if you get it.

Wine and Song stats

  • Weapon type – Catalyst
  • Rating – 4 Star
  • Base ATK – 44
  • Secondary Stat Type – Energy Recharge
  • Secondary Stat Level 6.7%
  • Special Ability – Hitting an opponent with a Normal Attack decreases the Stamina consumption of Sprint or Alternate sprint by 14% for 5s. Additionally, using a Sprint or Alternate Sprint ability increases ATK by 20% for 5s. At Refinement Level 5 the sprint increase is 22% and the ATK increase is 40%.

This is an excellent choice for Mona, but it is viable for a lot of other Catalyst users since as Ningguang as well, especially if they have other means to stack damage for when they proc the additional damage after sprinting.

Ascension Materials

Ascension PhaseLevelWeapon Ascension Mat.Common MatsMora
120-40Boreal Wolf’s Milk Tooth
x 3
Dead Ley Line Branch x 3, Divining Scroll x 25000
240-50Boreal Wolf’s Cracked Tooth
x 3
Dead Ley Line Branch x 12, Divining Scroll x 815000
350-60Boreal Wolf’s Cracked Tooth
x 6
Dead Ley Line Leaves x 6, Sealed Scroll x 620000
460-70Boreal Wolf’s Broken Fang
x 3
Dead Ley Line Leaves x 12, Sealed Scroll x 930000
570-80Boreal Wolf’s Broken Fang
x 6
Ley Line Sprouts x 9, Forbidden Curse Scroll x 635000
680-90Boreal Wolf’s Nostalgia
x 4
Ley Line Sprouts x 18, Forbidden Curse Scroll x 1245000