Wolfenstein: The New Order Walkthrough – Guide in detail for all chapters


Wolfenstein: The New Order, developed by MachineGames and published by Bethesda is a first-person shooter video game releasing on the 20th of May this year. This ninth installment in the Wolfenstein series, The New Order is created using the id Tech 5 engine.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein: The New Order is a single-player-only game which will be based on the standard first-person shooter formula for killing enemies. There is an unlimited weapon inventory and dual wielding of certain weapons. Some of them have distinct abilities like a laser cannon can be transform into a cutting tool, The New Order uses a health system which if diminished makes players to use a health pack. The gamer can lean into different positions ans can perform a combat slide. Wolfenstein: The New Order will even have semi-destructible environments.

The story of Wolfenstein: The New Order takes place during World War II, in the 1960’s where the world is taken over by the Nazis. The New Order is set in Europe where players are supposed to Go against the Nazi Power to save the world. Series protagonist William “B.J.” Blazkowicz is handed with the impossible task of taking down these enemies.

The events of Wolfenstein: The New Order take place three years after Wolfenstein, This time gap becomes a huge disadvantage as the Nazis now have advanced machineries against the Allies. In an Allied raid against the fortress and weapons laboratory, agent B.J. Blazkowicz, Royal Air Force pilot Fergus Reid and US Army Private Probst Wyatt take part to face their adversary, Wilhelm “Deathshead” Strasse.

Unfortunately, on this mission they are captured and sent to the human experimentation laboratory, where Blazkowicz is put into a dilemma by Deathshead to kill either Fergus or Wyatt and leaves them all to die in the laboratory’s emergency incinerator.

The only hope now is the laboratory’s one and only window. They pull off the gas plug because of which the laboratory explodes causing a serious head injury to Blazkowicz from a shrapnel making him fall off into the ocean. With commendable luck at his aid, Blazkowicz is rescued by the fishermen. They send him to an asylum in Poland where he survives but in a vegetative state.

Nurse Anya Oliwa and her family take care of. Though in vegetative state Blazkowicz is aware of his environment and observes the Nazi authorities forcing Anya Oliwa’s family to hand over disabled patients as they are the ones running this asylum. After 14 years Nazis order the asylum to shut down and start killing all the patients along with Anya Oliwa’s family when they resist.

The effect of this situation forces Blazkowicz to come out of his vegetative state and he rescues Anya to escape. He goes on to joins an armed resistance movement led by Caroline Becker.

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Chapter 1: Prologue

You start off in the middle of a raging Ariel war, thinking of a dream where you can smell barbecue and hear small kids playing. You are pulled back to reality by the peculiar sound of the aircraft. Your craft will be on the Baltic sea on the eastern coast of Germany. The pilot of this aircraft will ask you to do 3 things which you should start right away.

  1. To cut the fuel line of engine six which is inside the fuel line compartment
    • wolfenstein new order walkthrough Screenshot 1
  2. Find the tools in the tool cabinet
    • wolfenstein new order walkthrough Screenshot 2
  3. Drop the excess weight from the flight(Cut off the straps of 6 cargo objects)
    • wolfenstein new order walkthrough Screenshot 3

Get into the cockpit tunnel to shoot the enemy crafts. You will be revived by the pilot after you are hit by the impact from an enemy craft. He will ask you to pull the handle located below the flashing lights. Now be ready to abandon your plane to get onto another. Keep the door open for the pilot and follow suit.

This new plain will will be destroyed and you will fall off into the ocean. Next you will find yourself in a small abandoned aircraft. Answer the radio when the request comes. Fergus will ask for a favor, to complete it, swim to the airplain turret. Do a sprint slide to get on the lower level which will be filled with water. Keep swimming till you get to the base of another craft which will help you kill the mechanical beasts. Keep shooting till you eliminate two of them, then come out of the craft and set off to join your team.

After you join your team, you will plan to get into the enemy trenches to try and kill as much as enemy soldiers as possible. with the help of a sub-machine gun complete an ‘Assault on Baker Shore’.

Now Blow up the machine gun nest by entering the enemy trench.. Go into the bunker, you will see a pair of feet when you lean down, shoot them then open the door and kill the soldier.You will find a map, take it and come out if the bunker. Sneak behind the commander and finish him. You have take down four commanders.

Reach to the top most level of the bunkers to meet your team. Get inside the tower with a few members of your team. Go to the control room and pull the liver to open the gates for the rest of your team to to get into the tower. Go through the trap door and kill more commanders. Proceed to meet your team at the crashed aircraft. Try to move the iron beam from your way.

Once inside the aircraft, you will find a key inside the steel drawer, use this key to open the door which will lead you out of the lab. In the other room you will encounter Deathshed. He will capture you and your team. He will ask you to choose between Fergus or Wyatt to kill and leave you all to die.

Hit the fire valves to stop the flame, but the deadly gas will keep on leaking, meanwhile try to rest the lock to open the window bars. You will be thrown into the ocean from the impact of the leaking gas. While falling Blazkowicz will be hit by a lose metal piece.

Chapter 2: Asylum

After being discovered by the fishermen and taken to the asylum, Blazkowicz remains in a vegetative state for 14 years and wakes up only after he witnesses the attacks on Anya Oliwa’s family. As Blazkowicz, you will set out to look for Anya, who is taken away by the Nazis, try to find the way out of the asylum and kill all the Nazi soldiers that come in your way. In the reception office you will see a red button below the lamp, press it to open the exit door.

 The New Order chapter 2

As soon as you open the main door, Nazi soldiers will notice you and attack you. You will find Anya near their jeep. When you kill the last soldier, a huge military tank will arrive, this one will have advanced weapons which can damage you more. Be sure to carefully attack and destroy each weapon.

When you successfully kill all the soldiers, cut scenes will start which will help you proceed in the story. Anya takes Blazkowicz to her grand parents where he finds that Nazi’s have won the war and are now in power, he is desperate to find a solution for this situation. He goes into an underground room where they have tied up a Nazi captain which Blazkowicz found hiding at the back of their car.

Go to the wardrobe door to find an apron and put it on. You will see a chain saw on the table, in the drawer below it you will find the goggles, put them on and pick up the chain saw. As soon as you pick it up the Nazi captain will attack you, hit him hard. More scenes will start where Blazkowicz will question him about the Resistance Fighters. He will reveal that those fighter are at Berlin, Eisenwald Prison. Blazkowicz will then set off for Berlin.

Chapter 3: A New World

You will leave for Berlin with Anya’s grandparents and Anya, Anya’s grandpa will help you out of the car where you will be hiding, they will wait for you in the car. Keep them waiting and you try to get inside the pipe located in a pit. Go through it and find your way to the steel steps, climb 3 flights of stairs, there is a possibility of an alarm being raised, if it does, try to reach the big Nazi gun and use it kill rest of the soldiers. From the place you acquired their guns, go straight and enter the room. You can get many guns and an collectable from here. You can get the security map from the wall if you go one level down through the steps.

After you kill all the soldiers from that area, go back to Anya’s car. Grandma will help you to hold on to the car. You can get down a little ahead before the crossing and enter the door to your left. Inside this building kill all the soldiers that come in your way. In anther room you will find a trap door on the floor, open it to get inside the room, go down a couple of levels into the computer room.

Press a big red button to lift yourself to the upper level.

The New Order chapter 3 red button

Go left and pull down a switch to open the door.

The New Order chapter 3 switch

Go up 2 flights of stairs and pull down another switch to open a big door.

The New Order chapter 3 switch 2

This door will open outide the building in front of Anya’s car. Alarm will be raised, kill all the soldiers and collect their guns. Use the tesla granade to stun the giant bots and then destroy them with guns. You can get more ammos if you break open the crates with a knife.

After you kill the last bot, cut scenes will appear, yo will get into your car to join Anya and get onto a train for Berlin.

Chapter 4: Eisenwald Prison

On the train to Berlin while you get coffee for Anya you will be stopped by Obersturmbannfuhrer Engel, an old Nazi women, she will take a test to find out our if you are a pure blood. She will ask you to choose from some pictures and decide your purity, if you are not pure enough, she will kill you. In the end you will find out, all this was just a joke and she will let you go. After the cut scenes you have to sneak into the Eisenwald Prison Transport.

Go to your left by jumping in other balconies and down through the pipe you will land on a rooftop. Go further to open a chamber door and jump into it. You will see a large rotating machine in front of you. Remove its battery.

Collect the laser-cutter from the table and insert the battery into it.

The New Order chapter 4  leser cutter

Go up a flight of stairs, you will see a wired fence, use the laser cutter to open cut through. To recharge the battery of leser-cutter use the yellow tool which will be outside on the wall. This tool will help you to recharge the laser cutter in later chapters also.

The New Order chapter 4  leser cutter recharge

Get inside the office and retrieve a map from the wall. When you answer the phone call you will know that the Eisenwald Prison Transport has arrived. Go out through the window and walk on the window railings till you see the transport bus and jump on it.

After the cut scenes you will be inside the Eisenwald Prison. Reach the rooftops and open the chains with your laser cutter. After you jump down a level watch out for the laser beams. Look for a circular chamber and get inside. Watch out for the dog that will attack you as soon as you get into the chamber. Find your way into the upper floor through the toilets. Reach the monitor room and kill that guard.

Go into the guards bedroom and retrieve a key from the key box on the wall. This key will help you open the door to your left when you get out of the bedroom. While going to the upper floors, watch out for the laser beams on your way. On the 5th floor you will see a solid metal door, knock it and it will open to reveal prisoners and a guard inside, kill that guard. Free those prisoners with the help of your laser cutter. When the cut scenes start you will meet the Survivor from the first chapter.

Chapter 5: A New Hope

As soon as you free the prisoners from the chains binding them, the Nazi soldiers will notice that you have broken in and will attack you. The prisoners will try to block their way. Fergus/Wyatt will ask you to open the hatch, recharge your laser cutter and break the thick chain locking the hatch, above you. Climb up to the vent shaft and reach the other side into the camera room. You will find many equipments in this room which will help you take down the guards. Pull down the main switch to open the door and be prepared to take down each and every guard.

Unfortunately four of the five prisoners will be dead before you reach them. Fergus/Wyatt will survive. Go back into the camera room and hit the red switch which will open the all the cage doors of the prisoners. But it will also lock the exit of the camera room so be sure to get out before it shuts. Fergus/Wyatt will block it as soon as you get out. All this activity will trigger an alarm so now be alert. Kill as many guards as you can and don’t forget to destroy all the laser guns while going down each floor.

When you reach the last floor, pull down another switch to close the entrance. Fergus/Wyatt will help you with the door. Continue killing all the guards on your way. Explore the whole area to kill as many guards as possible, if you feel they are too many and can damage you, use the Tesla Grenade first so that the guards wont be able to use their weapons, and then take them down.

Fergus/Wyatt will be waiting with a car when you come out of the actual prison area. Drive that car straight ahead through the window, when it topples and lands, you will see Anya. She will point to the approaching Nazi military tank. If you look down you will notice a manhole, cut the lid open with your laser cutter. Jump in walk to the other side, Anya will open the lid of another manhole above you and cut scenes will appear. Blazkowicz, Anya and Fergus/Wyatt set out of the prison in a car, Nazis notice them, they abandon their car and are about to jump down from the bridge.

Jump down into the pool and swim to the circular tunnel, break the chains with the help of your laser cutter and turn the wheel to open it, charge the cutter whenever you see the charger. Swim through and close it. In more scenes you will be at the headquarters of the Resistance fighters. Explore the the place if you wish, Caroline will ask you to go to the second floor to find Klaus and get the folder of ‘Project Whisper’. On your left you will see Max’s room which will have the folder hidden behind a wooden plank, you need a crowbar to remove this plank. Blazkowicz can take a nap in the room beside Max’s. When he wakes up, you will find the health grade.

On the third floor, in the room marked “Tools”, you can maxout your knifes. When you will go near the mattress to the left of the target practice board, you will enter the Wolfenstein 3D Easter Egg. You will come out of it when the soldiers kill you. On the second floor, in front of the candles, to your right, go to the last room, here you will find the crowbar. When you enter Max’s room he will try to get you out, after some cut scenes remove the plank with the help of a crowbar. Collect that folder and take it Caroline. During the cut scenes you will know that the team sets out on a mission.

Chapter 6: London Nautica

In this chapter will will start off in a car where you are stopped by Nazi soldiers fro checking your car’s papers. After going a short distance you will get off and will be wearing a receiver, through which Caroline and then Anya will be talking to you from Berlin. A huge explosion will take down the Nazi statue, now Caroline will guide you. You have to reach the top of the radio tower. She will ask you to find a way to the top floor of the Nautica and open the hanger doors for the rest of your team to get inside.

While making your way through the rubble of collapsed statue, a mechanical dog will start attacking you, you wont have a gun good enough to take him down, so hide and run as fast as you can. The mechanical dog will be crushed under concrete when you slide under a plank.

While following the path through big concrete blocks collect as many weapons as you can manage from the dead soldiers. You will also face a mechanical robot who will attack you, as usual, use the Tesla grenade to neutralize him first and then shoot to destroy the bot.

Once inside the museum building, go through the steps to your right. Kill all the guards from the first floor, then go through the steps on your right to reach down a level. After you take the bot down, you can find the Marksman Rifle, it will help you take down a soldier with one single shot. You can carry the big Nazi gun after you kill the soldier from the first floor.

Turn the handle to open a shutter from where you acquired the Marksman Rifle. If you release it, the shutter will close, so hold it long enough. Now you will find yourself in a huge room with a large rotating moon. Reach the top of this room through steps and pull down the switch. Anya will now give instructions. She will ask you to reach the maintenance section which is in the star filed about half way to the top of the moon dome.

Around the dome you will notice a black plank joining the other side of museum room. Go half way and jump one level down. Get in through the door to your left. Go right, charge your laser cutter and cut through a chain locking the hatch. Get in and jump on the elevator, use the yellow cable to climb up one level. Go to your left and open the metal shutter. Jump on this elevator and cut all the 4 metal lift breaks. Go in through the square vent. After the cut scenes you will be carrying the Da’at Yichud information papers. You can also collect a white map from the wall.

The way out of this room is a bit smart. To your left you will see metal steps lined with a yellow material. Climb them, make your way to the opposite side of the test machine and jump on it. With the help of your laser cutter, cut through the chains holding two metal rods supporting the inner door. Jump down from the test machine, go to the other side and fire it. The huge laser will cut open a large circle for you to get in. Once inside you can remove this huge new laser cutter.

Cut open the plumbing channel, get in, Anya will ask you to go up about two levels from where you can open the hanger. Cut all the lift brakes and you will see another plumbing channel, cut it open and climb up through the ladder. You should now reach the hanger where ‘Project Whisper’ aircrafts are kept. There are a big number of soldiers present in the area. You can use your new laser cutter to neutralize the bots before you take them down.

As soon as you kill the last soldier a very large mechanical bot will enter the hanger. Use Tasla grenades to neutralise him before constantly shooting to destroy the bot. FInd the yellow ladder again and cut open another plumbing channel. Go through it into the control room and hit the yellow button to open the hangers through which Caroline and other members of your team can get in. Go down through the elevator to Caroline and lift her and take her to the aircraft in from of you. During the cut scenes you will successfully get the Project Whisper aircrafts out of their hanger and into your base.

Chapter 7: A Mystery

Anya will ask you to look for a moldy concrete piece and some files from the archives when you start this chapter. You will see a locked door somewhere besides Max’s room, Tekla will tell you that the keys to that locked door are with Fergus(in Fergus timeline). Go down in the basement to the Kreisau Circle hangar entrance.

Caroline will be chatting with others, in the area behind her look for a circular saw, you will see one on the wooden planks nearby. As soon as you pick it up, you will fall in the sewer system. Explore the tunnel to find your way back to the headquarters. Cut open a chain binding the metal bars, you will be attacked by mechanical bots, take them down with your new laser cutter. Climb a flight of stairs which right opposite the metal bar door. Walk the whole length and go to the other end, passing the circular drainage tunnel, now take the yellow ladder to go up, make your way through the passage and into the Kreisau Circle hangar to join Caroline.

During the cut scene Blazkowicz will cut out a block of concrete. Now go to the second floor and find Fregus (in Fergus timeline) and retrieve a key from him, which will help you open the locked door. Open the locked door to get into the archives room. You will find the folder which Anya requested on the computer table.

You also have to find Max’s toys which are a Robot, Telephone, Letter Blocks and a Fire Truck. This is a side quest. At the entrance of Kreisau Circle hangar you will notice a robot making a peculiar sound. The Telephone will be lying on Caroline’s desk. In Caroline’s bedroom, behind the poster you will find a secret chamber, go into the gap and you will find Letter Blocks to your left. Now look on the shelf in front of the room where you founder the floder which Anya requested. You can retrieve the Fire Truck from this shelf. Now go to Max’s room and place all the four toys on the table at the foot of his bed. Go to Anya to give her the concrete block.

Chapter 8: Camp Belica

In this chapter, Blazkowicz is sent undercover to Belica in a forced labor camp in Annexed Croatia to find the only living member of Da’at Yichud, Set Roth.

Obersturmbannfuhrer Engel will be in charge of the labourers, they will think you are too big to be fed and put you in another cell, where you will be watched. There will be a machine to your right, go near it. It will punch in a number into Blazkowicz’s arm and sew a patch on his shoulder.

Go in through the open chamber door and you will reach another set of machines with fellow labourers where Blazkowicz is supposed to work. During the cut scenes, the prisoner to your right will give Blazkowicz a lead for finding Set Roth, he will ask Blazkowicz to meet Milo and try to exchange uniforms with him, so that he can reach Set Roth’s cell.

Now you need to break the cement machine to distract the guards. First follow the instructions on the machine. Push down the handle to your right then turn the handle in circular motion to your left and hit the button, do this 2-3 times and a metal plate will fall off. Bend down to pick it up and throw it into the machine.

Go to Milo and Blazkowicz will talk to him about exchanging uniforms. Since the machine has broken down, prisoners will be sent back to their barracks. Go through the metal door to your left. Once you reach the yard, go to your left into the room. Reach the last bed in this room, there Blazkowicz will talk to Set Roth.

Set Roth will ask Blazkowicz to get the Detronic Battery which controls the Kampfhund. Detronic Battery will be at the service station at the camp command building in block 6. Blazkowicz should disable the automatic security systems that monitors the exits, the control module of the automatic security systems is at the guards barracks. Blazkowicz needs to find a way and locate the control module and disable the system. After the cut scenes, go left and open the metal door where dead prisoners a thrown in. Get in and open the next metal door, as soon as you open the this door, a guard will knock you down. You will wake up bound to a chair and the guard with a knife will stab you. You will wake up ready to be put in a furnace.

Kill all the guards in the area, also a dog. Your objective is to kill “The Knife”, he will be on the upper level washing his knife in a basin. Sneak up from behind and take him down. Go to the control room on the same floor and hit a red button to disable the security system. Go downstairs into the yard and meet Set. He will be standing at the far end of the yard.

Now that you have disabled the security system, you have to find the Detronic Battery located at the block 6. Go straight through the metal door. then you have to hit a button to open the next door. This door will lead you out, if you go left you will see some construction planks, go to the third level and jump into the balcony. You can get some collectables if you explore the rooms on your way in. When you go two levels down you will see a door on your right after going straight. There should be a concrete garage. Go in and you will easily locate the battery.

Blazkowicz will be thrown on the ground from the impact of removing the battery. The Engel lady will discover Blazkowicz and will send him for execution. When he will be tied up, Set will ask for the battery to control the Kampfhund. After the Kampfhund kills all the guards in the area, climb up and take control. Go into the yard and destroy all the mechanical bots, there will be a lot of firing going on, so give yourself time to recover. When you destroy all the machines, metal gates will open.

When you see a roof, allow Set to climb up. He will open the main gates for other prisoners to escape. In the meantime, Nazi’s will open fire on you. You have to protect the escaping prisoners. After killing enough soldiers, climb down from the Kampfhund and get into the van with Set Roth to reach your hideout safely.

Chapter 9: New Tactics

Blazkowicz will be looking for a welder, go in the hanger to find Fergus/Wyatt. He will tell you that he has dropped the welder in the water and will ask you to go through the door to the secret fountain entrance which is in the room behind the table. Reach the room with circular table where they discuss all their plans. After the cut scenes, close the huge metal door and collect the Bombate gun.

After you go left, cut open the chamber frame with the help of your laser cutter. Jump in and collect the welder. Swim to the other side, go right and you will see a ladder. Half of this ladder will be in the water. After you climb up, jump on the platform in front of you and look upwards. There will be a metal chain. Blast it with the help of you laser cutter to open another ladder. Go left and collect the Laserkraftwerk upgrade i.e. a Strobe attachment.

Follow the path, it will lead you to a room, go to the left of it and jump through the broken wall. Again go left and through a small flight of stairs. You will see a switch, pull it down and prepare yourself for some action.

After you destroy the bots, go straight, through the door. Keep going straight and you will see a metal chamber, cut it with your laser cutter. Blast the metal chain on your left to open the door. When you come out of the chamber and through the door, the passage will lead you into the resistance’s headquarters. Give the welder to Set Roth.

Chapter 10: Berlin Catacombs

Blazkowicz needs to go and get a U-Boat from the Nazis. He will be inside the sewage tunnels, below which are the Berlin Catacombs, a vast complex, the central munition stockpile of the Nazi regime. Blazkowicz will be using a tunnel glider to find a way into the weapons depot in the Berlin Catacombs. Anya will be guiding Blazkowicz.

Get into the guilder to start your mission. Exit the glider and break the chain locking a metal door with the help of your lasercutter. After you go through the tunnels you will see the yellow ladder. Go up and pull down a yellow handle and wait till the gap in the huge fan opens a way for your glider.

Find your way to another handle to let the water overflow. Go to the other side and Anya will ask you to swim to the Catacombs. While swimming you will see a mine, break its chain with you laser cutter. It will float and blow up the next tunnel’s metal bars. You will see some light through the gap in the wall, swim through it.

Go straight and hit the metal box. Connect the lose wire to your laser cutter and the elevator will start. Cut open the metal wire and you will see train tracks. You have to find a train and drive it to the abandoned underground station. After you cut open the metal wired door, go to your right. Eliminate the guards and collect their guns.

To destroy the heavily armored guards, use your laser cutter. Also you can break open the crates to get extra arms and ammunition.

If you press the yellow handle at the end of this train shed, you will find a way to the control room. Go through the stairs and take the first left. Hit the yellow button. More guards will be firing upon you now.

After you kill them, get into the train to pull down the switch. After the cut scenes, you will be inside a torpedo. You will come out of it in the huge Nazi ship. Explore this ship for collectables. Locate radio room and break all the four thick metal chains to release the buoys. During the cut scenes Blazkowicz and other members will find the U-boat.

Chapter 11: U-Boat

You will be inside a torpedo. You will come out of it in the huge Nazi ship. Explore this ship for collectables. Locate radio room and break all the four thick metal chains to release the buoys. During the cut scenes Blazkowicz and other members will find the U-boat.

You will be inside the U-Boat with other members. Go right and press the yellow button. There is not much gameplay to be followed in the beginning of this chapter, just follow the instruction given by Set Roth. He will ask you to power ancient platform with the help of your laser cutter. Hit the yellow button where required.

When the huge disk opens, climb a level up. You can explore many things here. Push in the devices gently into its spaces. After the cut scenes, you will be in a helicopter. You need to drop the Spindly Torque to stop the train. Go near it to start the cut scenes.

Chapter 12 : Gibraltar Bridge

You need to jump on the train platform from your helicopter. You have to kill a Nazi with an all white uniform. When you get in the train, go to the far end to collect the an Assault Rifle upgrade: Rocket launcher. In one of the train wagons after climbing up the bridge you will find a small metal door, climb on the top of the train through it. You will see a light colored wagon dangling from the bridge. Turn around and into another wagon, Cut the wired partition and you can find the laser upgrade: Tesla.

Go through the door into another wagon. Now your objective will be to reach the check point. Keep going down into the wagon, cut the wired fence when required. You will see movement when you come out of the other side. Get into the building on the right and take the stairs to reach the upper floor. You will see a chamber door on the ground to your right. Cut it open with your laser cutter. Jump in and you will reach the check point. Go down through the stairs and then through the yellow ladder.

A huge armored soldier will try to kill you after jump to the other side, but Fergus/Wyatt will reach just in time to save you. Jump into the helicopter. After a short distance you again have to fight the Nazi soldiers. Jump on the bridge and go through two train wagons. Inside the second one you will find the Nazi with white uniform.

Chapter 13: Lunar Base

Blazkowicz will be disguised as The Chief Research Nazi Scientist and will be on his way to the moon. You need to recover your equipments from here, your goal is to acquire the nuclear decryption keys. Go through the X-Ray machine and look for a green colored suitcase. There will be a metal chamber to your right, beside the suitcase. Cut it with your laser cutter and hit the yellow button to open the big metal door. Go straight and through the semi circular door.

Go down in the red circle one level down, here you will find an upgrade to the laser gun.

Find you way into the soldiers quarters, you can get into the laboratory from here. Go through the red chamber from one of the soldier’s room after going left. From the laboratory find the service tunnel, it will be lit with red lights. After you jump in, go through another circular red tunnel.

Go straight through another square tunnel and jump down. Go left and you will see a red space suit, wear it. Go straight and hit the yellow button to open the metal door which will lead you out on the surface of the moon.

When you enter the lab, hit yellow buttons to open the respective doors. After going in through two more doors, you can remove your space suit by going near the holder to your right. Now you need to find the nuclear key code. Find you way into the war room. After you reach the war room go to the far end, near the computer. Blazkowicz will print the decryption keys.

While finding you way back, open the metal lid, on the floor and get in, you will find yourself in the red tunnel. Go through the circular tunnel and up from the yellow ladder. Cut open the metal chamber door which you will see on you left.

Find your way through the steps and go right. Find the yellow button and hit it, to enter the wagon. If stops from an attack, open the metal lid on the floor and jump out.

You will find a way into the hanger bay. Kill the heavily armoured soldiers and get into the ship which will bring you back to earth.

Chapter 14: Return to London Nautica

Blazkowicz’s spacecraft will land on Earth. Get out of your craft and use the rope to jump on the other side. After you get in, kill all the soldiers. Find a broken wall and walk on the planks. Break the chain with your laser cutter to go down. Open the metal door and explore the area. In one of the rooms you will find a box on the window. If you go near it, you will break open the box and connect the wires to call the elevator. Go right and you will see a construction area.

Destroy the helicopters with the help of your laser gun. Go down through the planks and push the blue button on the elevator to go down. When you see giant bot, look for the pipes located in the nearby pit to take cover. Find a laser charger, you will need it to be fully charged to take this bot down. With the help of your laser gun, hit when its blue circular heart opens and turns red. Also hit the six panels which causes an explosion. You need to be patient and keep hitting this bot. When you feel he is weak enough, go near and hit the fire emitting lower part of the bot. Eventually he will be dead.

Chapter 15: Under Attack

Kill as many soldiers as you can, Max will open the pipe line gate for you, get in and you will hear Caroline talking, you will be asked to retrieve a helicopter from the hanger. Go up through the yellow ladder into the headquarters. Climb up to the Tools section and break the chain to get in the chamber. You will meet Tekla (Fergus timeline) or J (Wyatt timeline). Keep going through the tunnel, and reach the other side into the sewage tunnel and you will find your way into the hanger.

Climb up through the yellow ladder and go in through the tunnel. You will meet Caroline at the end of this tunnel. Kill the remaining soldiers and wait for Caroline to get the helicopter.

Chapter 16: Return to Deathshead’s Compound

Blazkowicz will launch the Spindly Torque on the castle. After you fall in the water, swim to the yellow ladder to get inside the castle. When you kill enough soldiers from the first floor, go a level down and find a red button to open the next door. You can get an upgrade on your right in this area.

Get in through the door and go down to your right from the steps with the Nazi symbol. When you get into the laboratory and near the yellow steps, Bubi will tranquillize Blazkowicz. But Blazkowicz will kill him eventually.

Go up through the yellow ladder into a tunnel which will finally lead you to an elevator. It will take you to Anya and the remaining members.Go back into the elevator. During the cut scenes, Deathshed will attach Fergus/Wyatt’s brain into a machine. You have to destroy this machine in order to end Fergus/Wyatt’s sufferings. You will no longer have your guns with you as the machine will forcibly take them. Try to open the crates with your knife to find grenades. Keep throwing these at the machine and finally you will be able to detach Fergus/Wyatt’s brain from it.

As soon as you destroy Fergus/Wyatt’s brain, Deathshed will appear in a huge armor. You can collect your weapons from the far end of the area. Keep throwing grenades at Deathshed and shoot him with your laser gun, you also need to destroy his power source. Cut open the metal chamber door and go near the huge gun, though the steps and shoot at the floating source in the sky. After a small blast, go into the pit from where Deathshead came. It will be very easy for you to take him down now. Just keep shooting. When he will be weak enough, go near him to start the cut scenes.

I do not want to spoil the end of Wolfestine: The New Order for you guys. It will be revealed in the cut-scenes.

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