Woody Woods Board Guide – Mario Party Superstars

There’s a dark side to these woods.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Woody Woods is the lone Mario Party 3 board to appear in Mario Party Superstars at launch. As you might expect, the location is in a wooded area with a lot of wildlife roaming around. If you played and enjoyed the original in Mario Party 3, you will be excited to see it is back. For the newcomers, here is what you have to look forward to. Here is everything you need to know about Woody Woods in Mario Party Superstars.

Moles changing directions

Screenshot by Gamepur

At three intersections in the Woody Woods board, there are signs that direct where players will go. You do not get a choice in this. These signs will be flipped back and forth at the beginning of every round in the game, so if you want to a certain direction, keep in mind that it will change in the next turn.

There are a couple of ways to change the direction on your own. If you land on an Event Space in front of any of the signs, that one sign will change, but not all of them. To change all three signs at once, you will need to talk to the Monty Mole in the darker region of the map and pay him a coin or two. Remember to consider your opponents and not just yourself. Sometimes it is better to change the direction to keep your opponents from getting to a Star.

Tree fruit

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are two trees you can interact with on Woody Woods, both having a few Event Spaces in front of them. If you land in front of either of these trees, they will have you grab one of two fruits that drop from them. Woody Woods is the one in the lighter area of the board, and his fruit will either give you another roll of the dice on this turn or some coins. In contrast, the tree in the darker area will either take away coins or have you roll a dice that will send you that far backward on the board.