Every Essence Power in WoW: Rise of Azshara’s Update


The new update for World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is going to usher in some significant changes to the Azerite system. Rise of Azshara will introduce a new system that is similar to how Artifact’s worked in Legion. The new system will allow players to choose new passive perks and active abilities for their Hearth of Azeroth.

The new Essences will have a major and minor function, and each Hearth of Azeroth can be fitted with three Essences at once.

Every Essence Power in WoW: Rise of Azshara’s Update

Essences Used By All Roles

Engine of Ceaseless Prophet

  • Major Power: Create a field of Azerite energy at your current location for 10 sec. While standing in the energy, you gain a buff to Haste, Mastery, and Critical Strike every 0.5 seconds. You also receive a damage reduction buff.
  • Minor Power: Every 2 sec, the Heart of Azeroth empowers you with 31 Haste, Mastery, or Critical Strike. When you reach 10 stacks, you’ll double the effects of the buff.

Azeroth’s Undying Gift

  • Major Power: Reduce all damage you take by 40% for 2 sec, then 20% for the next 2 sec.
  • Minor Power: When you fall below 35% health, gain an armor buff for four seconds, then a reduced armor buff for 4 more seconds. This effect may occur once every 2 minutes.

Worldvein Boon

  • Major Power: Concentrate energy into the Heart of Azeroth, immediately causing 3 Azerite Shards to erupt from the nearby ground. Shards will offer you additional healing when standing near them.
  • Minor Power: Every 1-25 sec, a shard of Azerite erupts from the nearby ground for 18 sec. Standing near it will buff your main stat.

The Crucible of Flame

  • Major Power: Use a blast of concentrated flame to damage an enemy or heal and ally. Each cast will increase the damage or healing done but will reset after three casts. Max 2 charges.
  • Minor Power: Spells and abilities can grant you Ancient Flame for 10 seconds. This will buff your Critical Strike, Leech, and will improve healing or damage directed toward your target.

Tank Essences

Aegis of the Deep

  • Major Power: Reduce damage taken for 10 seconds, also offers healing when damaged.
  • Minor Power: Gain additional Versatility for each enemy with range, also offers healing with each stack. When you drop below 35% health, gain double Versatility.

Anima of Life and Death

  • Major Power: Sacrifice 10% of your max health to inflict fire damage on nearby enemies. Each enemy hit heals you for 10% of your max health, up to a cap of 50%.
  • Minor Power: Max health increase every 4 seconds, up to 15 stacks. The effect is lost when you drop below 35% of max health.

Nullification of Dynamo

  • Major Power: Gain a shield that absorbs magic damage for 10 seconds. Instantly removes any negative effects you are suffering.
  • Minor Power: Gain a small shield ever 15 seconds, that will absorb a small amount of damage. When the shield expires it deals damage based on how much damage it absorbed.

Touch of the Everlasting

  • Major Power: Upon death, regenerate 10% of max health and take reduced damage for 10 seconds.
  • Minor Power: Versatility is permanent increased, but half is lost if you die. Lost Versatility is restored after 7.5 minutes.

Sphere of Suppression

  • Major Power: Reduce the movement speed of nearby enemies by 70%, and reduce their damage done to you by 10%.
  • Minor Power: Attacking enemies receive a debuff, slowing their melee attacks by 8%. You also gain Haste and Attack Speed when the enemy debuff is active.

Healer Essences

Artifice of Time

  • Major Power: Shield a target, blocking all damage for 6 seconds. When the shield expires, all damage and healing absorbed will be applied to the target, but with 20% reduced damage.
  • Minor Power: Heals can buff targets with Haste and Speed.

The Ever-Rising Tide

  • Major Power: Gain a stackable buff the increases healing and haste for 10 seconds. While the buff is active, mana regeneration is zero.
  • Minor Power: Each heal can refund mana, or provide an Intelligence buff. Possibility to get mana is affected by missing mana levels.

Life-Binder’s Invocation

  • Major Power: Allies within 30 yards will be buffed with 40 Seeds of Eonar. Seeds heal allies over time. Unused seeds reduce cooldown.
  • Minor Power: Each heal can plant a Seed on the target.

Vitality Conduit

  • Major Power: Place the Conduit near an ally, ever .5 seconds, for six seconds, the target ally will absorb health from the highest health ally within a 30-yard range of the conduit.
  • Minor Power: Heals can cause a burst of healing on five random targets within range. If no allies are in range, the heal is doubled.

The Well of Existence

  • Major Power: Overheals will store themselves in the Well, and all Overhealing can then be released and used on a target ally. Healing will also be increased by 20%. The Well will only release enough healing to fully heal the target ally.
  • Minor Power: 30% of Overheals go into the Well, and will help to heal a target that you heal, once their health is under 60%.

Damage Essences

Blood of the Enemy

  • Major Power: All nearby enemies are dealt Shadow damage. Critical Strikes are buffed against these enemies for the next 15 seconds, and Critical Strike damage is buffed by 35%.
  • Minor Power: Critical Strikes with spells will cause the Blood of Enemy buff, and each stack grants Critical Strikes. Can be stacked up to 25 times, which will result in a Haste buff.

Essence of the Focusing Iris

  • Major Power: Deal damage to all front facing targets for 2.5 seconds. Can be cast while moving.
  • Minor Power: Every 2 seconds, Haste is buffed by 29, stacking up to 10 times. At ten stacks, enemies can be blasted with a damaging attack.

Guardian of Azeroth

  • Major Power: Summons a Guardian of Azeroth for 20 seconds. Each attack from the Guardian buffs your haste by 4%. Can stack five times and disappears when the Guardian despawns.
  • Minor Power: Attacks can impale an enemy with spikes, dealing damage to them. Impaled targets offer a damage buff.

Purification Protocol

  • Major Power: Deal AoE damage for 6 seconds. Damage has a small chance to instantly kill enemies. Enemies dying to the Protocol will buff your damage by 10%.
  • Minor Power: Spells and attacks gain AoE damage, and also offering healing over time.

Unbound Force

  • Major Power: Deals damage over time, tripled by a Critical Strike. The attacks also have an increase chance to Critical Strike of 25%. Critical Strikes automatically proc another attack, capping out at 5 successful procs.
  • Minor Power: Critical Strikes buff you with Reckless Force, stacking up to 7 times. Every 10 seconds, your next spell or attack will deal additional damage based on Reckless force stacks.

Specialization Specific

These Essences have different effects depending on the players Specialization.

Vision of Perfection

  • Major Power: Attacks can activate the specialization-specific cooldown for 50% of its base duration.
  • Minor Power: Reduces the cool of the specialization and increases Versatility.

Memory of Lucid Dreams

  • Major Power: Increase your specialization specific resource rate by 100%, and also buffs Leech.
  • Minor Power: Spells and Abilities have a chance to refund half their resource, and also heal you. When healing occurs, it will also buff Versatility.

I would strongly suggest you check out Wowhead’s post on this, as they go into great detail on each of the Essences.