World War Z: Every co-op class on Nintendo Switch

You have a choice, even in the zombie apocalypse.

Screenshot of World War Z

Image via Saber Interactive

World War Z is out now for the Nintendo Switch, which means folks can now blast zombies on the go. But before you can do that, you’ll first have to decide how you want to go about it by choosing one of World War Z’s co-op classes.

Unfortunately, one of the classes introduced in the Aftermath upgrade — Vanguard — isn’t present here, as the new Switch version doesn’t feature any content from Aftermath. That said, there are still seven classes for you to pick from, each boasting different abilities and calling for different playstyles.


Synonymous with the assault class present in many other class-based games, the Gunslinger class is particularly adept with guns. Many of the perks they receive as they level up include boosts to health, ammo, and damage output.


Effectively the demolition expert, Hellraiser, is a good class for those looking to blow up the competition. Not only does this class specialize in both explosives and shotguns, but Hellraisers also unlock a pretty useful perk at only level three — “Not Today” allows you to become incapacitated one more time before dying.


It’s never a bad idea to have one of these on your team. Alongside your standard medkit that can be found in most video games featuring medics, this class also features the Stim Pistol, which can be used to prevent your teammates from taking damage for a limited time. Suffice to say; it’s a valuable tool to have for close calls.


Another support class. A Fixer’s most valuable tool is their supply bag, which players can use to get more ammo. This class’ masking grenades also render any players caught in the grenade’s blast radius invisible to zombies, making them a useful tool when trying to catch a break from the horde.


If guns aren’t your thing, this class is for you. Slashers thrive in melee combat, and many of the class’ available perks provide buffs to make them even more effective in close-quarters situations. Certain perks can also boost the Slasher’s endurance, like the perk “Rooted,” which ensures regular zombies can’t pin down Slashers.


Essentially the pyro of the group, the Exterminator specializes in using fire and explosives to keep enemies at bay. One of the class’ perks, “Fire Trap,” even combines the Exterminator’s two specialties by allowing players to set fire to a particular area via a claymore. Since you’ll be dealing with fire so much, you’ll probably want to pick up the “Dragon Hide” perk at level seven to reduce any fire damage to yourself greatly.


As one can surmise by the name, the Dronemaster is equipped with a drone, and this unique piece of equipment can be used in various ways. Depending on which perks you have equipped, it can simply stun enemies, be outfitted with a pistol to deal lethal damage, or even perform scouting duties by marking special zombies. With the “Coming in Hot” perk, you can also force it to beeline towards the nearest group of enemies to blow itself up, effectively making turning it into a grenade.