Is World War Z A Multiplayer Game?


If you have been wondering if World War Z is a multiplayer game, then the quick answer is YES. The game actually comes with a range of different ways that you can play, and even features specific multiplayer modes that see you taking on other players as you try to survive the zombie apocalypse.

World War Z Multiplayer Options

For the Campaign, you can choose to play in three different ways. First up, you can go Solo with AI companions. You can also play the game with friends by inviting them to your lobby. Finally, the game does have matchmaking that will find you a group of strangers to play through the game with.

For Multiplayer, you can also choose to take on other players in clashes on specific maps, specially designed for the experience. There are five different multiplayer modes to choose from.

  • Swarm Domination – Capture controls points while dealing with the enemy team and swarms of zombies.
  • King of the Hill – maintain control of the maps single point, while the enemy team and zombies swarms try to kill you.
  • Swarm Deathmatch – the basic Deathmatch mode we all know and love, with added zombies.
  • Scavenge Raid – A race against time to gather up resources before your enemies can.
  • Vaccine Hunt – this is basically a thematic capture the flag variant mode.

The multiplayer modes often include swarms of zombies, in what the developers call their PvPvZ system. It will be you and your teammates trying to deal with the enemy team, and also massive hordes of zombies that flood the level.