Yanxiao’s Crazy Kitchen – Genshin Impact

If you can’t stand the heat.

Genshin Impact

Yanxiao’s Crazy Kitchen is a Lantern Rite Tale in Genshin Impact. You will be able to collect the quest from the Lantern Rite Tales second page in the Lantern Rite main event menu.

Travel to Wangshu Inn and speak with Smiley Yanxiao, the chef there. He is under pressure and needs some help dealing with all the work he needs to do. The first thing he asks you to do is bring some Chicken-Mushroom Skewers downstairs to some customers called Holderin and Caspar.

If you don’t have any Chicken-Mushroom Skewers, you will need to make them. You will need 1 Mushroom and 1 Fowl for each one. Bring them downstairs to the customers and speak with them, paying close attention to what each one wants to eat, then head back up to Smiley.

Tell him that one customer wants Vegetarian Abalone, and the other wants some Jueyun Chilli Chicken. While Yanxiao makes the food, he will ask you to deliver two orders. Both of them need to go to the same place near the Stone Gate, so teleport there and delivery them.

Before you return to Smiley, you will need to make sure you have some ingredients that he needs. He asked for three Almonds, three Tofu, and three Rice. All of these can be purchased from the Second Life Shop in Liyue Harbor. Grab the items and return to Smiley.

The final step in the quest is to give both Smiley and a nearby fisherman called Jiangxue a Xiao Lantern. Building these should be common knowledge at this point in the festival but you can find the instructions on how to do so below if you need them.

How to make a Xiao Lantern

To make a Xiao Lantern, you will need:

  • 1 Lantern Fiber
  • 1 Wick Material
  • 1 Plaustrite Shard

You can get Lantern Fiber from any harvestable plant. If a plant exists in the game that you can collect, you will automatically get one Lantern Fiber when you pick it.

Wick Material will drop from Hilichurl-type enemies and Fatui Elites. You need to kill the enemy, as usual, and the material will drop from them. You can then pick it up like any other resource.

Plaustrite Shard can be obtained from any harvestable ore in the game, so any time you are smashing away at a rock, some will drop for you. You can also get it as a drop from Geovishap Hatchlings and Geovishaps. The final source is Stonehide Lawachurls. In this case, harvesting ore is definitely the easiest way to get it. You can then make the Lantern at any Alchemy bench.