Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links: How to unlock Kite Tenjo in the Number Hunter: Kite Tenjo event (June 2021)

Guess who’s back?

Back in January, Konami officially added Kite Tenjo into Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links as a playable Legendary Duelist. Tenjo was available to be unlocked for a limited time and has been away for quite some time. Fast forward to June, and Tenjo is once again back in Duel Links, and duelists now have a second chance to unlock the “Number Hunter.” So what do you need to do to unlock Tenjo? Let’s go over the event.

How to unlock Kite Tenjo in Duel Links

Screenshot by Gamepur

Much like with the Number Hunter: Kite Tenjo! event that went live in January, Duel Links players will need to acquire Number Clues. These Clues not only allow players to progress throughout the event but the items can also be used at the Gate to battle and farm Kite Tenjo. Number Clues can be obtained by completing PvP Ranked Duels or finishing offline battles in Duel World.

There are four challenges in this particular event. Duel Links players will need to complete the first three to unlock Kite Tenjo. The requirements to unlock each challenge are as followed:

  • 1st Challenge – Obtain 60 Number Clues and defeat Lv. 10 Kite Tenjo (can be found in the Gate area)
  • 2nd Challenge – Obtain 120 Number Clues and complete first event
  • 3rd Challenge – Will become available on June 16 at 01:00 EST
  • 4th Challenge – Will become available on June 19 at 01:00 EST

This event will expire on June 22 at 00:59 EST.