Top 10 Best DC Minecraft Skins

Many DC Comics characters are best for Minecraft skins. Here are all kinds of DC Comics character skins you can have for any version of Minecraft.

Minecraft is the best place to have skins of your favorite characters. With SkinDex, your options for having your skin follow after your favorite franchises are practically limitless.

While Marvel may be excellent, DC has its hands neatly wrapped around the animation game, with movies released every couple of years thanks to DC Animated. If you’re a fan of these projects and need a little representation of your favorite characters over in the pixelated world of Minecraft, we have a few handy picks for you.

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10. Wonder Woman

Image via SkinDex

The iconic bearer of the Lasso of Truth, Wonder Woman, looks good even in pixel form. While she doesn’t have the added detail of having that lasso on her in this skin, that’s hardly a fault to put against the designer. This skin is gorgeous, with great pixel detail and coloring that doesn’t make Wonder Woman stick out too much from the surrounding world of Minecraft when you use the skin.

9. Superman

Image via SkinDex

If you like flying about in Creative Mode, consider getting a proper Superman skin. This one looks perfectly acceptable, with shading and enough attention to detail to have Superman’s emblem as closely mapped around an S as you can get with only so many pixels. He even has his characteristic split curl on his head of hair, an excellent detail considering that you’re dealing with a blocky representation of the avatar.

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8. Batman

Image via SkinDex

While he may look just a tad out of place in a world like Minecraft, Batman is fantastic, and you need no other reason to don such a radical skin. If you want to create your cave, this skin is an excellent contender to represent the Dark Knight, leaning more into the movie depiction than anything else. Gone are the blue capes and dreadfully bright yellow emblem, and in are the darker tones that Batman wears during Arkham Asylum and other titles.

7. Robin

Image via SkinDex

While Robin was always meant to be a cartoonish and brightly colored sidekick, this skin does him no injustice by making him too bright. The colors on this skin are very well balanced, making it a good skin to use in all kinds of situations in Minecraft. You’ll still stick out in most landscapes, but you aren’t made of neon red, green, or yellow like some other Robin skins out there.

6. Harley Quinn

Image via SkinDex

Enough with the Joker skins; if you need a clown crime skin, why not pick Harley? No matter what rendition of Harley you go for, all of them look good. This one is a cross between her movie look and the suit she wore in Arkham Asylum, and the artist who created this one did so well. The details on her suit are fantastic, with patterns on the legs and back that look as close to card symbols as they can.

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5. Poison Ivy

Image via SkinDex

While her red hair may stand out, Poison Ivy is someone who looks like they belong in all the nature and biome shiftings of Minecraft. This Poison Ivy skin is reminiscent of her look in the Batman Animated series, which depicted her skin to be a little more natural looking than the green hue during the Arkham Games. That being said, this skin’s color choices and shading design are wonderful, even the details on the back of her head and hair coming through nicely.

4. Catwoman

Image via SkinDex

Catwoman is the second to last female on our list and an iconic look for her. Her suit in this skin is based on her getup in Arkham City, the slim suit in combination with her cat hood and goggles. This skin is pretty good if you want to be sneaking around; the dark colors are doing you more favors than even Batman’s skin above. Still, we don’t recommend you steal Diamonds from your friends this way, even if you are a touch stealthier with this one on.

3. Nightwing

Image via SkinDex

The Nightwing skin has more to it than meets the eye at first, and that’s not just because of how dark all the colors are. For a collection of pixels, the skin is surprisingly accurate, even taking note of the back design for the other half of the skin. Otherwise, the details on the shading are well-done, matching the rest of the world’s pixel layout instead of being a stark set of colors without any shading at all, as you may see with other skins.

2. Batgirl

Image via SkinDex

It wouldn’t be right to include all these cool Batman and DC characters without Batgirl. Her look in this version is reminiscent of her early style in the older movies, one that had her with a purple cape and a snappy look. The shading, which isn’t as detailed as the rest of the skins in his list, could only use more work.

1. Green Lantern

Image via SkinDex

The original Green Lantern takes the top spot in this list because of how much detail goes into this skin. If good shading isn’t enough to convince you that this skin was made with care, try looking at the Green Lantern’s hands. Despite working with some minimal pixel graphics, the creator thought to put the ring there.