Tips for ranking up in PUBG and PUBG Mobile

Want to increase your rank? Here are several great passive tips.

PUBG Ranking Tips

With the introduction of the ranking system in PUBG and PUBG Mobile, players can now differentiate themselves from others by their skill level. After an initial set of provisional matches, one will be placed into a designated ladder based on their performance. Each game will then affect a player’s matchmaking rating (MMR), with leaderboards that give bragging rights to those on top.

There are many ways to get better in any battle royale title, like practicing aim, learning the map, or simply playing more games. Nevertheless, here are a few tips to pay attention to when trying to improve your PUBG rank.

PUBG Ranks Announcement

Communication is key

While using a microphone to talk with your teammates is the best option, PUBG has also added other in-game features for communication. This includes being able to tag certain parts of the map and calling for help.

The ability to tell teammates the direction of approaching enemies or getting input on the next location to head to is a major aspect of surviving longer during matches.

Land farther away

While risking it in the beginning to finish off more opponents sometimes works, it can also backfire very easily. As such, a great way to improve your rank in PUBG is landing farther away.

Since PUBG’s looting system relies on luck, it is more advantageous to land farther away from others or simply in a less-frequented area. Instead of being dependent on luck when trying to find a good weapon in the house you land near, you will be able to search for equipment worry-free.

PUBG Weapons

Know your equipment

Instead of picking up everything, make sure to practice with a series of weapons that all use the same ammunition. This way, even if you start off with a common assault rifle like the AKM, you can eventually upgrade to the Beryl M762, Mk46 Mutant, or Groza. Using weapons that support different sets of ammunition can work, but could also result in running out of bullets too early.

Items like weapon attachments should also be used depending on preference. Load up the Practice Range and try out the different variations. This way, you can truly become more comfortable with using different magnification scopes, muzzles for limiting flash, foregrip for recoil reduction, and more. In addition, make sure you are wearing your helmet, bulletproof vest, and backpack at all times.

Take note of the Safe Zone

Look at the minimap at all times and make sure you are always in the Safe Zone before it starts shrinking. Sometimes it may be more advantageous to stay in the Blue Zone and finish off weakened opponents. However, don’t stay too long because it can cause some serious damage.

PUBG Practice Mode

Camp for others

Depending on the first few circle changes, it is usually easy to predict where the final Safe Zone will end up. As such, if you don’t feel confident in engaging others directly, go toward a building where you think the center will be. Since searching around the map for enemies can often end up fruitless, waiting for others to come to you will often work out better.

Turn on your game sounds to hear enemy footsteps and vehicle sounds, so you know when to get ready for an ambush.

Avoid early fights

Another great way to improve your PUBG rank by surviving longer is to simply avoid enemy opponents at the start. While this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t engage others at all, it is better to run away from a fight if you are unsure of winning. In addition, getting involved in a fight between other parties is discouraged, even if you can pick up a few easy kills. Shooting will draw attention to yourself, which can result in you getting outnumbered.

While these tips may seem passive, they are a great way to survive longer in matches. While kills are important, increasing your final placement during matches and the probability of winning will do much more in getting the rank you want in PUBG.