Battlefield 1 Modes To Be Coherent With World War I Setting: DICE

Battlefield 1

Even though we are not getting new details about Battlefield 1 before June 12's EA Play event, DICE has not started a proper information blackout yet, and it's still talking to press and revealing interesting details about the upcoming first person shooter.

Battlefield 1

In an interview released to AusGamers, DICE's Daniel Berlin has explained that “we're crafting some modes that look at the era, and we make the mode fit that era. So that's something we're also doing”.

This means that, according to the lead world designer, the types of modes we are going to play in Battlefield 1 will also feel like they make sense in a World War I setting. Which allows us to understand this is not set to be a copy/paste work by DICE's developers.

We've seen something similar happening with Star Wars Battlefront, on the other end, although in that occasion people and many reviewers felt the game was too ‘little' to have the long term success of a Battlefield regular game.

Battlefield 1 is releasing on October 11 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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