GTA 6 Isn’t Releasing In 2019, Rockstar Games Debunks Rumor

GTA VI Releasing In 2019

During the last few days, a message has popped up in the game across multiple players in-game menu that Rockstar Games was officially announcing GTA 6 to drop as early as next year.

Of course, that message was built from scratch by the Grand Theft Auto Online community of modders and wasn’t in any way linked to Rockstar Games itself, although this hasn’t stopped players to ask directly the company on Twitter.

GTA VI Releasing In 2019

The developer, which is now busy working on Red Dead Redemption 2 (dropping on October 26 for PS4 and Xbox One), simply tweeted that the message was a "hoax" by someone who wanted to have some easy fun.

"This is a hoax made with the use of mods and not an official message or statement from Rockstar Games," the studio claimed on Twitter, putting an end to all the rumors that could’ve spread across the Internet.

Considering Red Dead Redemption 2 is still in the making and that Grand Theft Auto Online is still being updated on a weekly basis, with a Night Club DLC even dropping in July, it would’ve been really hard to believe that the software house was already doing something on Grand Theft Auto VI or at least this early).

We’ll need to wait a bit longer for that and most likely the beginning of the next generation of consoles based on the time the developer spends crafting its open-world action experiences.

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