Fallout 76 Perk And Bounty Systems Detailed, Here's How They Work


QuakeCon was a great occasion for Bethesda Game Studios to finally reveal how some of the most complicated systems in Fallout 76 work, and reassure the community of the work which is being currently done on the game.

As you might know, this is the first online BGS title and people has grown worried about the fact it's not a traditional single-player Fallout experience since its original announce.


So, first of all, here's the new bounty system, which is basically the mechanic that's going to allow everyone to have a safe and fun experience repaired by griefing phenomenons.

As summarized by Windows Central, this is how it works:

  • Repeatedly killing other players if they haven't attacked you will mark you on the map.
  • Those who kill offending players can collect huge bonuses and other rewards once they complete the bounty.
  • The best part is that the funds will be subtracted from the offending player's account after they're killed.
  • If you're killed by a player for no reason, getting revenge will dish out double rewards.

That looks pretty cool. We don't know if it's going to be enough to prevent griefing to pop up at a certain point in the game's lifecycle – we know that people always find... solutions when they want to cheat in video games – but at least it seems Bethesda poured some really great effort into the matter.

Also, the developer explained the perk system, which is a sort of comeback for the franchise although it's quite different in form this time around. Perks are cards you can get by levelling up, indeed.

Up to level 10, you get perk cards each time you level up. After level 10, you get them each 5 levels you go through. Despite their look, though, you can't purchase them with real money; you “solely” get them by playing.

Fallout 76 is releasing this November, with a beta coming during the month of October, first on Xbox One and then on PC and PlayStation 4 as well.

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