Fallout 76 Players Can Get Better Fallouts For Free In January 2019

Fallout 76 Players Can Get Better Fallouts

Fallout 76 has not had the most auspicious start, with some pretty well-publicized problems. These stem from the game itself, which some people have found very glitchy and difficult to run, to various PR problems.

Bethesda Softworks recently announced that Fallout 76 players would get the Fallout Classic Collection for free in January.

Fallout 76 Players Can Get Better Fallouts

The Fallout Classic Collection consists of Fallout 1, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics. For my money, Fallout 1 and 2 are some of the best isometric RPG games ever created, and I sunk a ridiculous amount of time into them when I was younger.

The Fallout Collection normally retails at about $20 and is currently on sale on Steam for $5.99.

While I truly appreciate the original games in the series, and I recommend that everyone who hasn't played them yet do so, it is difficult to see a world where an angry fan base sees this as a worthwhile recompense for the issues they have been having with the game.

The offer is open to all players be they on PC, Xbox One or PS4, but the Fallout Collection can only be played on PC. I am a little surprised, given Bethesda's recent luck, that there hasn't been a backlash to this move. There have definitely been a few snarky comments, but nothing too serious.

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