A Fortnite first-person mode could offer a fresh perspective as dataminers uncover update files

A big change in perspective.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s latest 23.30 update has arrived, with data miners already discovering some choice information regarding files found pertaining to a first-person mode that could be integrated into the battle royale game. A number of popular leakers have corroborated and shared the news amongst fans, and it appears that Fortnite could offer further changes to gameplay options and viewpoints to somewhat resemble competitors such as PUBG or Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0.

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ShiinaBR, one of the lead Fortnite leakers and creators, has helped share a number of videos from players incorporating already live bugs that seem to trigger the first-person mode during some gameplay with the Scar Assault Rifle. It’s not working quite as intended at the moment, with visuals being quite impaired when using ADS — aiming down sights.

Another Twitter-based Fortnite data miner adds further credence to the legitimacy of the files, having revealed a screenshot displaying a list of the in-game Camera assets. There appear to be first-person mode files added for a range of weapons, but as we’ve seen in demonstrations shared by these data miners, they don’t seem to be quite ready yet.

Little else is known currently about when Fortnite will officially incorporate a first-person mode, with Epic Games currently quiet on its own social media channels. While exciting, it’s also best to take these leaks with some caution, as there’s every chance this could be a feature that was just being tested before releasing a fully-working public build that could arrive much later. However, the addition of a fully first-person ADS mechanic could allow far more technical gameplay from players and poises speculation about the effects it could eventually have on Fortnite’s esports and tournaments scene.