A Hypostatic Symphony Event exploit is supercharging players in Genshin Impact

Pump up those rookie numbers.

Image via Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a game about farming. Yes, there are plenty of quests and story elements, but the game’s general day-to-day involves farming bosses, killing enemies, and finding resources. You lead a party of four through various challenges or explore the map, using various abilities and weapons to lay waste to your enemies.

Using skills generates energy, which allows you to use more powerful skills. As you fight, you take damage and need to heal up using abilities from certain characters, food, or praying at the Statues of the Seven that are dotted all over the map. This causes a certain ebb and flow to the action of the game. You may fight a boss, then need to heal up and recharge your more powerful abilities before you can take on the next one.

The Hypostatic Symphony Event that is currently ongoing in the game has given players a way to do this much quicker. The event involves taking on a daily boss, a tough challenge that will reward you with in-game items and currency for scoring a certain number of points against it. When you first load into the boss instance, it will fully heal your party and completely charge your Elemental Burst, powerful abilities that you normally charge by generating energy orbs in combat.

It gets even more interesting because you can then leave the instance before starting the boss fight, and your health and abilities will all remain charged. It provides players with a rapid way to get through their daily grind while also allowing them to save on resources.

While the exploit falls into the “useful” category rather than the “game-breaking” one, it is something that many players are enjoying, as it has streamlined their daily grind and allowed them to wrap up their farming that little bit faster. The event will run until January 31, and it seems unlikely that miYoHo, the game’s developer, will make any moves to change things before then.