A new Destiny 2 Exotic has completely broken PvP

These boots are made for stomping.

Destiny 2 Season of the Lost Artifact

Image via Bungie

In what is now a Destiny 2 tradition, a piece of Exotic gear that was introduced in the new season is absolutely busted, forcing Bungie to disable it in PvP modes like Crucible and Gambit. The beneficiaries of the overpowered lottery so far in Season of the Lost are Hunters, thanks to the Radiant Dance Machines exotic leg armor.

The Radiant Dance Machines, which first appeared in the original Destiny and have just recently been added to Destiny 2, allowing players to quickly and repeatedly dodge if enemies are nearby. Given that most of the subclasses can dodge once, and some Exotics might allow you to dodge twice, you may wonder how many times the Exotic would allow you to dodge.

Some skilled players managed to get up to 6 dodges off before resetting the perk. Some players were even able to combine repeatedly dodging with armor perks like Distribution, and mods like Dynamo, to severely reducing the charge time of their most powerful ability.

This was severely messing with game balance, so Bungie had no choice but to temporarily disable the Exotic. The good news is that it is only switched off in PvP. Players can still use it to their heart’s content in the game’s PvE content and take advantage of the rapid dodges and fast-charging supers while the fun lasts.