Amazon nearing a deal to make a Mass Effect series

Who will play Shephard?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Image via BioWare

Deadline reports that Amazon is nearing a deal to make a series based on the Mass Effect franchise. With Amazon’s The Wheel Of Time proving to be a big success for the company early in its run, Amazon Prime’s Video division is now looking into other ways to expand its original content.

There have been rumors about a Mass Effect series for years now, and it seems that the success of The Wheel Of Time may finally push forward one on Amazon Prime. There are also plans to include an upcoming live-action series based on Lord of the Rings and further seasons of Amazon’s most popular shows like The Boys and Invincible.

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The Deadline report doesn’t specify if the Mass Effect series will be live-action or animated on Amazon. The upcoming Halo series on Paramount+ is going to be live-action, while Netflix’s hit series Arcane based on League of Legends is animated.

Mass Effect is an action-adventure, role-playing game series that centers on the exploits of a Space Commander with the surname of Shephard. Shepherd is a player-created character, and almost every decision players make determines certain outcomes of the game’s narrative. The series was praised for its deep lore, characters, and how it handles narrative gameplay.