Apple Arcade Adds In Five More Games To Its Library


Five new games have come to the Apple Arcade streaming subscription.

Apple Arcade is a subscription service that is developed by Apple. The subscription service is for games on people’s mobile devices, specifically Apple-owned devices. The subscription service has dozens of games for players to try out, and you can cross-save among all your devices. You can play the same game file on any device that apply to Apple Arcade.

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Earlier this month, Apple Arcade released four new games on the service. Today, five more new games have come out for the service. The five games are Inmost, Stela, ShockRods, Decoherence, and Mind Symphony.

Inmost is an atmospheric, horror-like game that takes place in a dreary area filled with monsters that look like living shadows. You play as multiple characters, and you need to travel through abandoned buildings, castles, and forests. The trailer makes the game appear narrative-focus, with a voiceover suggesting the primary goal of the game is to survive. The game is currently only available on Apple Arcade, but it also planned to come to the Nintendo Switch and Steam at a later date.

Stela is another atmospheric-based video game that is very similar to Limbo or Inside. It’s a puzzle platformer where your main goal is to keep walking to your destination. The game initially got announced for the Xbox One and PC, yet it is now available on the Apple Arcade. The Xbox and PC versions are coming out Oct. 17.

ShockRods is a vehicle mayhem-like game. You take control of a mobile vehicle that is decked out with unique weapons, including laser guns and bombs. You fight with other cars in a battle arena, and your goal is to destroy the other players.

Decoherence is an action-adventure game where you build a robot and fight against opponents. The better you make your robot, the better it does in battle. Mind Symphony is a shoot ‘em up game where you take control of a ship, and need to destroy all obstacles on your path. The music plays a massive role in the game.

All these games are now available on the Apple Arcade subscription. The subscription is 4.99 USD per month.