Legends of Runeterra 1.10 update – Patch notes

What’s new and improved?

Legends of Runeterra 1.10 update patch notes

Image via Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra has received a new update. The 1.10 patch, which is the first major update since Call of the Mountain was introduced, brings a host of changes and improvements to Riot Games’ digital card title. A new Law, Gauntlet updates, bug fixes, and more await, so read on to find out what’s new and improved.

Standard Gauntlet update

Standard Gauntlet mode lets you select from three pre-determined decks before you begin playing, and there are three new rules to be aware of:

  • No champions duplicated between decks
  • Different region combinations for each deck
  • Maximum one champion-less deck

After choosing your deck, you’ll enter matchmaking as normal until you are paired with an opponent. You will then enter the pick and ban lobby, which allows you to view regions and champions from your foe’s deck, and ban one of them from being played. They return the favor, and then you pick from your two remaining decks that you wish to use in the following single-player match.

Welcome to the Jungle Lab

This new Lab has been inspired by the jungling gameplay in League of Legends. To win matches, you have to clear your opponent’s jungle camps, and you will receive rewards if you get the best of them. The rules in place for this Lab are:

  • Both players have Vulnerable, Immobile jungle monsters on their board.
  • Killing your opponent’s jungle monster grants you a powerful buff spell with your choice of potent effects.
  • Killing a jungle monster also spawns another in its place next round. Watch out—the new ones may be even stronger as the game goes on!

Cross-shard Friend Challenge

  • Friend challenge now available with all friends, regardless of which regional shard they play on.

Expeditions Archtypes

Call of the Mountain’s archtypes have been tweaked since it launched. They are now offered during initial champion picks, but 50% less often than before. Other changes include:


  • Added: Ravenous Butcher, Vile Feast
  • Removed: Mark of the Isles, Mist’s Call

Cloning Program

  • Wild Pick Bonus Chance increased to Medium from None

Collective Support

  • Cohesiveness Rating increased to Medium from Low
  • Wild Pick Bonus Chance increased to High from Medium
  • Added: Mountain Sojourners
  • Removed: Broadbacked Protector, Fledgling Stellacorn, Silent Shadowseer

Death’s Door

  • Added: Black Spear, Deadbloom Wanderer, Sump Dredger, Tri-beam Improbulator
  • Removed: Trueshot Barrage, Vile Feast


  • Added: Solari Soldier, Spacey Sketcher

Luminous Dusk

  • Wild Pick Bonus Chance increased to Medium from None
  • Added: Atrocity
  • Removed: Black Spear, Mountain Sojourners, Shroud of Darkness

Moonlit Heist

  • Cohesiveness Rating increased to Medium from Low
  • Added: Chum the Waters, Prowling Cutthroat
  • Removed: Jailbreak, Shellshocker, Star Shepherd

Otherworldly Creatures

  • Cohesiveness Rating increased to Medium from Low
  • Added: Ember Maiden, Startled Stomper, Take Heart, Yeti Yearling

Radiant Dawn

  • Added: Broadback Protector, Sunblessed Vigor
  • Removed: Moondreamer, Mountain Sojourners

Shadows and Dust

  • Removed: Barkbeast, Encroaching Shadows, Fading Memories

Suit Up

  • Added: The Tuskraider

Terrors from the Deep

  • Cohesiveness Rating increased to High from Medium

The Black Mist

  • Wild Pick Bonus Chance increased to High from Medium
  • Added: Atrocity
  • Removed: Duskrider

Card balance changes

  • Ezreal – Level Up Targeted Enemies increased from eight to 10
  • Lee Sin – Cost reduced from six to four, Health reduced from six to four, and Level Up Spells increased from seven to eight
  • Lee Sin (Level Two) – Cost reduced from six to four, and Health reduced from seven to five
  • War Chefs – Power reduced from two to one
  • Flash of Brilliance – Cost reduced from four to three
  • Overgrown Snapvine – Power increase from four to five
  • Crackshot Corsair – Health increase from one to two
  • Jagged Taskmaster – Cost reduced from three to two, Power reduced from four to three, and Health reduced from three to two
  • Cygnus the Moonstalker – Power increase from four to five, and Health increase from two to three
  • Yordle Grifter – Allegiance Nab 1 now required for Old Text and New Text effects

Bug fixes

  • The Empyrean and Dragonling (created by Eye of the Dragon) now correctly have the Dragon type.
  • Fixed an issue where Nightfall card VFX would take excessively long to complete when triggering Nightfall.
  • Fixed an issue where Taric would incorrectly gain level-up progress from targeting your Nexus or allies in hand.
  • Fixed an issue where Hush would delay stun effects to the following turn.
  • Fixed an issue where Supernova would represent inaccurate results when using Oracle’s Eye.
  • Fixed an issue where Zenith Blade wouldn’t be revealed when drawn off its Daybreak effect.
  • Fixed an issue where Dragon’s Rage, spells copied by Karma’s (Level 2) effect, and Riptide Rex weren’t correctly counting towards Ezreal’s level-up progress.
  • Fixed an issue where Flame Chompers wasn’t being correctly buffed by Vision when both were simultaneously discarded.
  • Fixed an issue where Aurelion Sol (Level 2) would reduce the cost of opponent’s Celestial cards.
  • Various minor bugfixes for deckbuilder and the rewards panel.