Apple Arcade Announced, Release Date and Price


Apple shared additional details about their subscription-based Arcade service, announced at their September event. The service is set to release on Sept. 19, for $4.99 per month. For those who are hesitant to try it, Apple is also going to offer a one-month free trial for anyone interested in testing out the service.

At launch, there are going to be 100 games available with the service with more games set to release each month. The games are going to include a variety from numerous different companies, with Annapurna Interaction, Capcom, and Konami releasing a handful of exclusives to feature on the service.

There were three exclusives shown by the previously mentioned companies at the event.

Annapurna announced Sayonara Wild Hearts, a wild, colorful, music-based experience where players ride a motorcycle, fight with swords, and get into dance battles at 200 miles per hour. The game first came to the Nintendo Switch.

Capcom is bringing a brand new game, Shinsekai Into the Depths. It’s going to feature underwater exploration where players have to shoot while they delve into the water. All of the music and sounds effects of the game got recorded underwater.

Konami is bringing by Frogger, but with a few new things in the mix. The little frog is going to have access to bombs to clear the path of anything obstructing them. There’s also the chance the small creature can become an advanced form known as Super Frogger.

These, among the other games launching on the service, are going to be available on Sept. 19. You’re going to need to have access to the Apple Arcade service, which you can subscribe to right now, or try out the trial service immediately.