Baldur’s Gate 3 Fan Creates Hilarious Crossover Video That Turns BG3 Into a Beloved Sitcom

A Twitter user has recreated the Friends opening credits using characters from Baldur’s Gate 3, with hilarious results

Baldur's Gate 3 with Friends Logo

Image via Larian Studios

Actually playing through video games like Baldur’s Gate 3 is only part of the fun. Seeing what kind of shenanigans you can get up to and sharing them with the wider community of fellow players is also a huge draw, especially with those massively popular games everyone is talking about.

Some players take this opportunity to get creative, using images from the game to spin off their own projects, with entertaining results. On first glance, you wouldn’t imagine that the beloved 90s sitcom Friends and Baldur’s Gate 3 have much in common. Yet one Twitter user saw an opportunity and ran with it, creating a hilarious crossover video that combines the two.

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Meet the All New Cast of Friends

Not everyone would look at the core companions in Baldur’s Gate 3 and think of Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Monica, and Joey, but that’s exactly what @seiShoVT has done with this masterpiece.

They took to Twitter to share a video that re-imagines the opening theme to Friends, using Baldur’s Gate 3 characters. The creation was so impressive that Larian Studios retweed the post, including their own riff on the themesong lyrics.

The video opens with the words Baldur’s Gate 3 in the iconic Friends font, and @seiShoVT isn’t cutting corners with their moment-to-moment recreation of the opening credits. As we pan down to a fountain with a stone bench in front of it, each of the core NPC companions pops up in a brilliant callback to the couch from the Friends theme.

From there, we get a little montage introducing us to each character as if they were the actors in a sitcom. As the music winds down, the entire party gathers again in front of the fountain, each playing a musical instrument. When the video fades to black, you can’t help but wish it was the transition to a Baldur’s Gate 3 sitcom featuring this cast of characters.

Twitter users are having fun in the comments, imagining what other sitcoms should get the Baldur’s Gate 3 treatment and which Baldur’s Gate 3 companions are most like the cast of Friends. Currently, the consensus seems to be that Gale “gives such Chandler Bing vibes.” While some folks are busy fantasizing, others are reworking the theme song lyrics to fit the game, with gems like “Because I’ve never left act one. It’s fun. I’ve been here all year.”

Fan-created crossovers like these are all fun and games, but we can’t help but wonder what the rest of this imaginary TV series would be like. As one Twitter user asks @LarianStudios, “When can we expect this to come to streaming services?”