Baldur’s Gate 3 Player Traumatized by Wyll’s Heartbreaking Dejection

One Baldur’s Gate 3 player was just trying to romance Halsin, but they ended up pushing will into rejection oblivion in the process.

Image Via Larian Studios

Baldur’s Gate 3 is packed with companions for players to romance, reject, sacrifice in combat, and more. Some characters take more effort to romance than others, and some are outright hated, but every fan tries it on with all of them eventually across subsequent playthroughs.

However, all this fooling around has consequences because these companions have feelings. One player recently found this out in a soul-destroying exchange that left them clutching their chest and questioning their judgment as they destroyed poor Wyll, and every ounce of joy left his body.

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Wyll Left Emotionally Shattered by Baldur’s Gate 3 Player’s Heartless Actions

Earlier today, a truly broken Baldur’s Gate 3 player posted about their recent experience of trying to romance Halsin but accidentally annihilating Wyll’s feelings in the process. They weren’t interested in Wyll and so rejected his advances twice.

Things seemed to start harmlessly enough, or so this player thought. “At the end of Act 1, I gave Wyll a lil smoochy. No sex, just kind of left it there. Didn’t sleep with anyone because I was dead set on romancing Halsin.” While they might not have thought that kiss was anything special, Wyll clearly did.

After a second rejection, though, as they put it, “Oh my fu**ing god, he just stared into the abyss for a moment and then just said ‘Oh.’ I hate this so much. But then, after all that, he just kind of stumbles/slinks away, as if he’s lost all joy. The immense feeling of second-hand sadness from watching him suffer like that sent me into a fu**ing spiral.”

The fact that Baldur’s Gate 3’s companions can make a real person feel this way shows just how emotionally connected we can be to them, even if we don’t notice it. Larian Studios put in a lot of effort to account for every situation and circumstance like this. It just so happens that some of them make us feel like absolute scumbags.

Other players have been jumping into the comments on the post with their stories of emotional turmoil. “I broke up with Shadowheart just to see the dialog, and I felt like I ruined the relationship even after loading a pre-breakup save. All this tells me is that I’m still not ready for a real relationship.”

Baldur’s Gate 3 doesn’t aim for realism. It’s a fantasy RPG in every sense of the word. Regardless, the characters have been brought to life so well by the actors and writers behind them that, no matter how hard we try to remind ourselves they’re just characters in a video game, they still seem so incredibly real. Hopefully, they don’t emotionally damage players so much that it bleeds into real relationships. “So, step one to a successful relationship: never break up just to see what happens.”