Batman game from Warner Bros. Montreal won’t be revealed this week

Geoff Keighley sharing news on something different.

Batman WB Montreal Game Teased

A new Batman game won’t be revealed on Tuesday, May 12, according to Summer Game Fest’s producer and host Geoff Keighley.

Keighley is set to reveal a brand new game on that date but made it clear on Twitter it is going to be a “fun announcement” and not anything significant.

He first shared that he wanted to manage expectations, perhaps out of feedback from the disappointing Inside Xbox aired last week.

Then, he mentioned that the game in question is going to be “something cool and fun,” which is radically different from the tone and atmosphere of bigger titles people are eager to know more about.

Keighley was pushed to share whether he would be disclosing details on the next Batman game, and to that, he literally replied, “it’s not Batman” just to make things clear from the beginning.

“It’s a fun announcement,” he added. “People are just guessing random stuff,” meaning that all those speculations are not based on anything concrete nor even a rumor of sorts.

A new Batman game has been rumored for a long while, though, with developer Warner Bros. Montreal sharing multiple teasers across the years.

While it’s quite sure there’s a new title from that universe in the making, we do not know when it is going to be revealed.

Former Kotaku’s news editor Jason Schreier had revealed, right when the E3 2020 was canceled, that Warner Bros. had plans to host its first-ever E3 media briefing.

On that occasion, he heard several games from the WBIE family would have been announced, including the next title from Rocksteady, a Harry Potter action RPG, and Warner Bros. Montreal’s Batman.

With the Summer Game Fest still revealing more events spanning from May to July, there’s a chance we get to know more about those games in just a matter of weeks.