Behaviour Interactive Announce New Games Set In Dead by Daylight Universe

Two games set in the Dead by Daylight universe are on the way, both entirely unique projects from Supermassive and Midwinter Entertainment.

During today’s bombastic Dead by Daylight 7th Anniversary stream, the Behaviour Interactive team announced an upcoming collaboration with Midwinter Entertainment and Supermassive Games game development studios. These games will be set in the Dead by Daylight universe.

These two games will be different from one another, making them standout entries in the growing Dead by Daylight franchise. Supermassive Games will build a narrative, branching storytelling experience set in horror. Midwinter Entertainment’s project contrasts this, and it is set to be a multiplayer game, centering around the themes of “greed” and a “lust for power.”

Midwinter Entertainment & Supermassive Games Headline new Dead by Daylight Games

Image via Behaviour Interactive

The from Supermassive Games and Midwinter Entertainment discuss a handful of details about these upcoming projects and shed more light on what to expect from these stories. These games will be widely different from the standard Dead by Daylight game, but they would involve the Entity in some way and contain all the same elements of horror that come from the original.

The Supermassive development team will bring their narrative expertise to the table, creating a game in the omniverse of Dead by Daylight. It will feature a unique cast for the game and a single-player experience, but it will use the mythology of Dead by Daylight as a core story pillar of this upcoming horror project. That’s all the Supermassive team could share for now, but they’re planning to reveal more about this project later this year.

Midwinter is going in the other direction with their Dead by Daylight project, wanting to lean into the multiplayer experience of this game, and have players working together. Although it is multiplayer, it won’t be the same as four Survivors teaming up to fight a killer. Instead, the four players will be working to fight against PvE creatures, where players will find themselves tempted by power and profit at every corner as they attempt to elude an unknown horror.

Between the two projects, Midwinter shared that they are in the early stages of their game and will likely have something to show further in the future. It seems like the Supermassive time will likely have something to share much earlier, and we can expect more details before the end of 2023.

These projects are beyond exciting to see as Dead by Daylight expands from its original and becomes a growing universe, on top of their upcoming movie that was revealed several months ago. We expect additional details from Supermassive and Midwinter in the future.