Borderlands 3 event Farming Frenzy offers a better shot at legendary gear

Borderlands 3 Farming Frenzy

If you’ve been looking for a particular Legendary drop or a rare, exotic enemy to battle in Borderlands 3, the odds are ready to tip more in your favor for the rest of January.

Gearbox Software has announced the latest event coming to its hit sequel, called Farming Frenzy. It’s set to begin on Jan. 16 and will run for two weeks before coming to a close on Jan. 30.

During this two-week period, players can “collect all the Legendary items and fight rare enemies to their Vaulter heart’s content,” according to the company. Rare spawns are guaranteed to appear, and you’ll come across enemies that provide “a higher chance of dropping Legendary gear from their dedicated loot pool.” That means goodies that will serve you better in the long run once equipped to your character. In addition, the Anointment rate for all the gear you come across will see an increase.

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For those of you that are struggling with the recently added endgame content Takedown at the Mailwan Blacksite, there’s some good news. The difficulty will now be scaled back, so you won’t be taking on a workload meant for four players if it’s just you running through the game. No word yet if this will stay permanently or if it’ll change back to normal once Jan. 30 rolls around.

There’s also no word yet as to what time the update will be available on Jan. 16, but Gearbox should provide an update once it’s all set.