Borderlands 3 Gameplay Reveal Planned For May 1

Borderlands 3 Farming Frenzy

Gearbox has officially announced Borderlands 3, and the good news of the announcement is that we know the release date of the game as well. But, there’s something that’s still lacking — it’s gameplay.

Now, Gearbox Software has shared when we’ll get to see the game in action for the first time, and learn more about how it works.

That’s happening on May 1, according to the developer. We’ve not been informed yet about how that is happening, but it’s likely through a YouTube video of sorts.

Based on what we’ve seen thus far, we know that the game is set to feature a new set of four Vault Hunters, and new villains called Calypso Twins. On top of that, we’re told that the title is coming with over one billion weapons.

Borderlands 3 is releasing as early as September 13, 2019, for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. On PC, it’ll be an Epic Games Store exclusive for six months.