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Botting is rampant in World of Warcraft’s Solo Shuffle Rated PvP mode, and Blizzard finally admits it

They also plan to address it.

One of the most consistent problems MMOs always seem to have is people utilizing third-party tools to automate activities in the game or give themselves an unfair advantage in combat. World of Warcraft has taken strides to discourage the use of botting, but no game has ever truly solved the issue. The Dragonflight expansion introduced the ability to queue solo for Rated PvP arena matches with a new category called Solo Shuffle. Of course, cheaters have proven why we can’t have nice things by botting in Solo Shuffle, much to the headache of players trying to climb its ranks.

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A PvP enthusiast by the Twitter handle @Numingarcane took it upon themselves to publicly address the issue to Blizzard, and even showed the company all of the third-party tools that the culprits are using to cheat. Surprisingly, there is an actual variety of different botting programs to choose from, and all of them are definitely against the terms of service.

It didn’t take long for lead combat designer Brian Holinka to address the Twitter thread that popped up after the discussion started to trend, and just in time as he just recently tweeted that he was giving up the platform for Lent. Holinka acknowledges that Blizzard is aware of the issue and is keeping an eye on it. He further states that punishing cheaters is difficult and takes time, but it is an important problem that the team is working to solve. Not having an instant fix is a disappointment to those looking for a solution now, however.

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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has been pretty well-received regardless of the mayhem plaguing rated PvP. The expansion has taken much of the busy work popular in previous expansions out of the game in favor of letting players decide what they want to do and how often to play. It is a step in the right direction for the company, and hopefully Solo Shuffle will get cleaned up soon as well.

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