Destiny 2’s Wormgod Caress Has Been Disabled Due to a Glitch

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 players have always been very good at finding glitched ways to do impressive amounts of damage. The most recent avenue to ridiculous damage numbers is a glitch with the Titan Exotic, the Wormgod Caress. The armors main perk is Burning Fists, which allows you to increase melee damage by scoring melee kills. Players discovered that they could build up the buff with some easy kills, then switch to another gauntlet, by changing back to the Wormgod Caress, the buff would then be kept active all the time.

Usually, when you fully stack the perk, you have four seconds to kill something before it resets, and you need to start building it again, but the gauntlet swap would allow you to keep it until you wanted to use it.

The results were suitably hilarious, as Guardians decided to use it to solo Raid Bosses. Some players combined it with other in-game buffs like One-Two Punch, a shotgun perk that will buff melee damage if you hit an enemy with every pellet from a shotgun. This is quite easy to do with larger enemies.

Bungie decided there was a bit too much free power involved, so disabled the Exotic in a recent patch. It can take Bungie a surprisingly long time to respond to these balance issues, as most people will remember when the Lord of Wolves ran roughshod over the dreams of PvP players. It would seem that they decided just disabling the Exotic was the route to go this time, but it is impossible to know when it will be active in the game again.